Agent Drew Rosenhaus Makes Questionable NFL Draft Day Decision Defying Stay-At-Home Orders

Sports agent Drew Rosenhaus is a special type of jerk. 

Tonight during round two of this year’s NFL Draft, Rosenhous was spotted celebrating in the home and alongside his client, Josh Uche as well as Uche’s entire immediate family. 

Why is this particularly infuriating?

Well Rosenhaus is not related to his client and is in clear violation of the state’s stay-at-home policy.

Maybe we should give Rosenhaus the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps he’s been quarantining with Uche and his family for the past month in preparation to celebrate this special moment with his client.


Last night, Rosenhous was also in the home of his other client, Derrick Brown, celebrating hand-in-hand with the entire Brown family.

A quick breakdown of the footage and you quickly realize that means Rosenhaus was in direct contact with 14 (relative) strangers in the past two days. 

You’d think an agent would want what’s best for his client(s)… I guess if your name is Drew Rosenhaus, that’s not a top priority of yours. 

1 thought on “Agent Drew Rosenhaus Makes Questionable NFL Draft Day Decision Defying Stay-At-Home Orders

  1. I could see why this would bother some, so I’m not gonna pretend like people don’t have a reason to get mad over this. Let’s get real, we are supposed to stay 6 feet apart but are people really upset at parents who have their kids closer or give their kids a hug.

    But I am being completely honest when I say that I could seriously give two-shits About this. The dumb idiots at the beaches or bars or things like that, ya that really infuriated me. But ONE guy going to another’s house, sry not mad at all. I hope he washed his hands or had a bottle of sanitizer on him, but honestly no qualms with it. Just like I wouldn’t If 8 yr old jimmy wants to go to 9 yr Bobby’s house. So long as he isn’t going from 1 friends house to another, I don’t care. Let’s be honest about this. People are putting themselves and others in much more danger when they go to the grocery store. But we gotta eat and I get it. So that doesn’t anger me, but this don’t either. It’s the mass gatherings or group get together that are not necessary. But a family inside their own doesnt qualify to me as a mass gathering unless their like multiple households involved and those people haven’t been seeing each other on a day to day basis. I’m sorry but I don’t consider a family who is all related gathering At one house. So considering that’s what it was, 1 extra person isn’t gonna get me all worked up. The stay-at-home order has been necessary but don’t take it literally. They don’t mean don’t leave your house. They mean stay at home unless there is a reason to leave. We all have different reasons. I don’t mind an agent wanting to support clients if it’s just him, 1 man going.

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