CONTRIBUTOR: America needs Mitch McConnell out, Andrew Yang-endorsed Mike Broihier is Democrat to do it

It is time for Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell to go.

Since being elected in 1974, McConnell has become the longest-serving leader of the United States Senate Republicans in history and it is certainly by no mistake. Corporate America has turned the man into its puppet supporting legislation that only helps the rich get richer while ruining countless lives across the country.

McConnell voted against medical treatment for 9/11 responders

In 2010, McConnell voted against a bill, the Zadroga Act, that would provide 9/11 first-responders with medical treatment in order to pass tax cuts, via NJ.com.

Five years later, McConnell blocked legislation that would have replenished the medical fund supporting 9/11 first-responders to lift a United States ban on oil exports, according to NBC news.

“He knew the popularity of the bill and when he didn’t get his way this is the one he pulled off the bill,” said 9/11 first responder Kenny Specht via NBC. “That says something about the type of man we’re dealing with here. He held us hostage and it’s not right, it’s not right.”

As you will later see, it shouldn’t come as any surprise McConnell stifled legislation that would have helped true patriots of this country to instead advance oil companies’ interests.

Campaign contributions control McConnell

So why would McConnell be holding American people hostage to lift a ban for oil companies? The answer is simple.

According to the Guardian, McConnell received more than $1.5 million in campaign contributions from oil, gas, and coal companies in the 2012, 2014 and 2016 election cycles combined. His $1.5 million is just part of the $10 million given to 22 different Republicans over the same period of time to advance the companies’ agendas.

And it gets worse.

In January 2013, Tam Doan and Kurt Walters from the Public Campaign Action Fund looked into McConnell’s campaign finances and released these four highlights:

  • “On the very day debate began on a bill to repeal subsidies to Big Oil, an astonishing $131,500 in campaign contributions passed from the hands of oil donors in Midland, Texas into Mitch McConnell’s re-election war chest. Three days later the bill failed by filibuster.”
  • “Companies that lobbied against bringing jobs back to America and ending tax breaks for offshoring have given McConnell one million dollars to win his elections and look out for their interests. Big McConnell donors such as GE, Microsoft, and Exxon Mobil also have billions in untaxed profits stashed overseas.”
  • “Despite once supporting transparency, McConnell has led the effort to block the DISCLOSE Act and keep Americans in the dark about the money flowing into elections. Wealthy individuals and companies spending millions in secret money have overwhelmingly helped elect Republicans, an essential step in McConnell’s ambition to become majority leader of the Senate.”
  • “Sen. McConnell took the unusual step of filibustering a district court nominee, former trial lawyer Jack McConnell, who was vehemently opposed by the insurance industry and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce after Jack McConnell won a multi-billion dollar case against lead paint companies. Sen. McConnell has received $1.7 million from insurance interests, and has taken tens of thousands of dollars from one of the lead paint companies in the case and its parent company.” 

The report also found that McConnell used an exorbitant amount of filibusters to advance corporate interests.

“The number of filibusters jumped to an average of 130 for each of the Congresses in which Republicans have been in the minority (110th through 112th), exactly double the average of 65 per two-year session from when Democrats were last in the minority. This is a historical aberration. There were more filibusters in 2012 alone (67) than there were in the 54 years between 1917 and 1970 (58).”

The definition of fillibuster, via dictionary.com, is this:

“The use of irregular or obstructive tactics by a member of a legislative assembly to prevent the adoption of a measure generally favored or to force a decision against the will of the majority.”

McConnell does what corporations pay him to do

When Barack Obama was president in 2012, McConnell tore Obama apart for trying to develop biofuel from algae.

“I think the American people realize that a president who’s out there talking about algae when they’re having to choose between whether to buy groceries or to fill up the tank is the one who’s out of touch,” McConnell said via USA Today.

Turns out, McConnell supported a $30 million grant for a Kentucky company interested in turning algae into fuel just a few years before, according to USA Today.

The plant was never built and the grant money went unspent.

“Each time McConnell interceded on behalf of the Nicholasville-based company Alltech or the federal government took action to help, its founder and president wrote a check to McConnell’s campaign or the Republican Party of Kentucky,” said USA Today’s Joseph Gurth. “Though others in Kentucky’s delegation supported the grant application, none except McConnell received contributions from T. Pearse Lyons, Alltech’s founder and president, according to the Federal Election Commission website.”

1973: McConnell said money in politics is “cancer”

Just like Donald Trump, McConnell is a hypocrite. And one doesn’t have to go any further than reading an article McConnell wrote in 1973 that directly opposes everything he has done in his political career.

In the article, McConnell called money in politics a “cancer” and went on to say this:

  • “With regard to a spending limitation, past events have shown how close we are to a “bought” nation, state and city. Only six months ago, the cost of the Louisville-Jefferson County Democratic primary alone exceeded $400,000. The lack of an overall limit on spending is an open invitation for special interests to circumvent this ordinance and lavishly finance future candidates, regardless of the limitations on amounts of individual contributions.”
  • “More than 65 years ago it was a Republican president, “Teddy” Roosevelt, who advocated an end to the private contribution method of financing campaigns for president. An amendment providing such financing for the 1976 presidential election was attached to an extension of the debt ceiling bill in the U.S. Senate but was subsequently talked to death by a filibuster which included the first Sunday session in the Senate since 1929.”

Also, take notice of what took down the aforementioned amendment. A filibuster. A tactic McConnell has currently not been shy to use.

Can someone save the American people from Mitch McConnell?

After reading this, it is obvious why McConnell needs to go. But how do we get rid of McConnell and replace him with someone that works for America? Remember, McConnell has held power in the senate since 1984 dodging every Democratic opponent he has faced. It is time for something new.

The Democrats have three people vying to win the primary election on June 23: Mike Broihier, Charles Booker, and Amy McGrath.

McGrath, tho, is running on the idea that she would be better at progressing Donald Trump’s agenda than McConnell. Quite the stance for a Democrat!

McGrath is not an option that moves America forward.

Booker, endorsed by Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has surged in the polls lately entering the fray as a major contender.

However, there is worry about Booker being able to defeat McConnell in the general election.

“Republicans say either candidate (McGrath or Booker) will be steamrolled in a state Trump will carry handily despite McConnell’s unpopularity in polling, though Booker’s liberal positions could make McConnell’s reelection even easier in deep-red Kentucky,” said Politico’s James Arkin and Burgess Everett.

Already endorsed by Andrew Yang, Broihier, the third option, is a true Kentuckian who represents the people, unlike corporate-puppet McConnell, and would do a better job of securing red voters who are anti-McConnell.

“A first-time candidate at 57, Broihier seemed to have the perfect mix of life experiences for a red-state Democrat,” said the Rolling Stone’s Bob Moser. “In 2005, after a 21-year career in the Marine Corps (serving in Somalia, Japan, and Afghanistan, among other places), the retired lieutenant colonel had bought a 75-acre working farm with his wife, Lynn Wisehart (also a retired Marine) in rural Lincoln County, where he’d raised animals and asparagus, edited a local newspaper, and worked as a substitute teacher. His politics were straight-up progressive: all in for a Green New Deal, single-payer health care, marijuana legalization, reproductive rights, gun control and UBI.”

And what drives Broihier to run?

“The dawning realization that Trump and this dysfunctional administration was more a symptom, and McConnell was the cause,” said Broihier via the Rolling Stone. “He’s an existential threat to the Republic I swore an oath to. He doesn’t give a damn about Kentucky or America. He cares about two things: political power and personal wealth. That’s what drives him, period.”

If you need more on Broihier, read the full Rolling Stone article or visit Broihier’s campaign website.

Move America forward – #MikeBeatsMitch

For America to move forward in November, the country needs to vote Donald Trump out and, more importantly, Kentucky needs to vote Mitch McConnell out.

The senate race for Kentucky is of the utmost importance for the future of America and Broihier needs all the support he can get to take down McConnell.

But before Broihier can defeat McConnell, Broihier needs to win the highly-contested Democratic Primary on June 23.

So help America out! Be loud, shout your voice and make sure the world hears you. If you agree, share this story on social media with the #MikeBeatsMitch hashtag and let your voices be heard!

America can’t afford four more years of Donald Trump and it certainly can’t afford six more years of Mitch McConnell.

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