Apple to Donate 10M Face Masks to Healthcare Workers

Tim Cook Donates Masks in Coronavirus Fight

Tim Apple, ahem, Tim Cook, announced Wednesday via Twitter that Apple is using its supply chain to acquire N95 respirator masks. The masks, which form a protective seal around a wearer’s mouth, are vital tools for healthcare workers in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. In this time of crisis, doctors all across the country have faced dwindling supplies.

The move comes as President Trump finally invoked the Defense Production Act to force General Motors to produce much-needed ventilators in their factories.

Businesses must now step up in a way not seen since World War II. This week, the U.S. claimed the most cases of COVID-19 in the world for the first time since the outbreak.

In addition to sourcing the masks, Apple released a COVID-19 app based on CDC guidelines yesterday. The app offers an online screening tool and advises when users should seek emergency care.

It’s now time for other businesses to follow Apple’s lead.

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