Biden Slams Trump on China

Former Vice President Joe Biden hit back at Trump after the President tried to label the presumptive Democratic nominee as “soft” on China.

In a video released by the Biden campaign, Tony Blinken, Deputy Secretary of State during the Obama-Biden administration and Senior Foreign Policy Advisor to the Biden campaign eviscerates Trump’s record on China.

In the video, Blinken clearly lays out the ways “President Trump failed to hold China to account when it mattered most.”

Blinken raises the following points:

  1. The Obama-Biden administration put in extra safeguards to predict, prevent and deal with pandemics, including keeping a strong CDC presence on the ground in China. Trump dismantled or diminished virtually all of it, closing the White House pandemic office, cutting the number of CDC experts in China, and removed the United States’ expert in China who oversaw such outbreaks.
  2. Warnings out of China regarding the novel coronavirus became apparent. Yet as the virus spread, President Trump didn’t want to put his recently signed trade deal at risk. Rather than get tough on China, he ignored intelligence reports and instead signed and celebrated the deal.
  3. China was not transparent with the global community about the dangers of the coronavirus. Yet, Donald Trump praised their efforts and transparency, even after the first case of COVID-19 was identified in the U.S. He even thanked China and President Xi for their “hard work.”
  4. The situation became dire in the U.S. Consequently, Trump flipped the script and started to blame China for the pandemic. He touted a travel ban that was too little, too late. In fact, more than 40 countries imposed travel restrictions before the U.S., and still tens of thousands of people still entered the country from China, as it wasn’t a real ban.

The video then moves to a striking comparison of leadership between Trump and Biden.

On February 26th, Trump heaped praise on the Chinese leader, saying, “I spoke with President Xi. He is working very hard, I have to say. He’s working very, very hard.”

That same day, Biden forcefully stated, “I’d insist that China allow our scientists into make a hard determination of how it started, where it’s from, how far along it is.

As the video wraps up, Blinken says what a President Joe Biden would do to deal with China:

  1. Put CDC officials back in China.
  2. Use our influence at the World Health Organization to demand real accountability or oversight. President Trump recently abandoned our influence in the World Health Organization, after blaming them for his failures and saying he would pull their funding.

“President Trump went soft on China when it mattered most,” the ad states. “Joe Biden will insist that China live up to its responsibilities.”

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