Breaking: As US Coronavirus Deaths Approach 40K Lamar Jackson Sends Bizarre Tweet Telling Followers To “Truzz Trump”

A bizarre twitter exchange this morning between Baltimore Ravens Quarterback and President Donald Trump has many scratching their heads. The twitter exchange concluded with Lamar Jackson telling his 653k Twitter followers to “Truzz Trump.”

The twitter exchange began with Lamar Jackson tweeting a video of Packer CB Jaire Alexander reacting to the Ravens drafting his former teammate Lamar. Here was the tweet:

During his morning tweet storm blaming the Democrats, China, and the WHO for the pandemic, applauding himself, and politicizing the the health and safety of millions of Americans, President Trump retweeted Lamar Jackson’s tweet and commented, “Really nice to see this and, what a great pick.”

In response, Lamar Jackson posted President Trump’s tweet and wrote “Truzz Trump” meaning “Trust Trump.”

It is unclear if President Trump and Lamar Jackson coordinated these tweets together or with the NFL. The White House has not responded to our inquires about whether the tweets were coordinated.

President Trump’s tweet about Lamar Jackson and Jackson posting Trump’s tweet and telling followers to “Truzz Trump,” comes amidst devastating news that the Coronavirus pandemic is disproportionately causing deaths and devastation in black and brown communities in America and Trump’s documented mishandling of the pandemic.

Coronavirus deaths in the United States will likely top 40,000 by the end of this weekend. As the death count mounts, President Trump has sought to use “reopening sports leagues” as a distraction to cover for his failures, even including NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and others on a panel to decide the guidelines for “reopening the country.” Whether intentional, or not, Lamar Jackson’s peculiar tweets have furthered these efforts.

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