BREAKING: NFLPA Executive Committee Member Admits Owners Rushed The Controversial CBA Vote

One of the more perplexing things about the recent Collective Bargaining Agreement in the NFL was why the vote took place this March when the old CBA was not set to expire until 2021. The NFLPA had one more full year to negotiate the best deal possible yet negotiated what many believe is the worst CBA ever. Many analysts expected that the deal was pushed by ownership during uncertain times for their own interests to scare and rush the players into accepting a horrible deal. NFLPA Executive Committee Member Lorenzo Alexander appeared to confirm this was the case when he was interviewed this week on the podcast “Conduct Detrimental” hosted by Daniel Wallach.

On the podcast Alexander was asked why the vote took place when it did and he responded, “Anytime ownership comes to you and wants to do a deal early you want to listen because it could come out and be very beneficial for you.”

Alexander also stated that while he and Executive Committee members were involved in some discussions about the CBA during the 2019 off-season, there was very little, if any, involvement in discussion or negotiating the CBA during the 2019-2020 season. After the season the 456 page document with terms that were never seen before was thrust on the players and they were told they had to accept the provisions from owners. Alexander explained that once the 2020 season ended, “There was a lot of contention as guys wanted to get back involved” and the NFLPA would not let them.

As we reported yesterday, Alexander also said the NFLPA made a big mistake when it reduced disability benefits for retired players in the CBA and that he was working with players to get this fixed.

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