BREAKING: President Trump Now Says He “Strongly Disagrees” With Georgia Gov Decision To Reopen Economy

Lets face it, OK… No credible person takes Donald Trump’s daily propaganda fests seriously any more. They are not press conferences. Press conferences suggest that actual data is being presented. Instead, we see Trump oozing bogus and dangerously incorrect scientific data, praising his ratings, repeating whatever big-boy word he heard earlier that day, and contradicting the position he took the day before. Call it a propaganda fest, a gaslighting gathering, or what you will, the point of this long winded disclaimer is to PLEASE take with a grain of salt, or in Trump-speak, with a grain of hydroxychloroquine any “news” derived from what he says.

But OK, here we go . . .

Today Trump stated during the afternoon propaganda session that he and Vice President Mike Pence both called the Georgia Governor Brian Kemp earlier and told him NOT TO REOPEN businesses in the State starting Friday as Kemp had announced.

You will recall, Kemp announced this week, without informing any of the Mayors in his State, that he would be reopening restaurants, gyms, massage therapist businesses, hair and nail salons. Other than bat-shit-crazy protesters who have held rallies tinier than Trump’s little hands, mostly everyone else criticized Governor Kemp’s decision to reopen these businesses and were equally perplexed that he did not consult the Mayors of his State.

Anyway, early reports suggested that Trump supported this decision by Governor Kemp because, well, after declaring himself a dictator and then learning about the United States Constitution, and Federalism (as Trump says, “Federalism or whatever you want to call it”), Trump said that Governors have full discretion to open their State’s back up for business and urged them to open it up soon. Shit, Trump was even encouraging the protests in front of State’s run by Democrat Governors and asked those States be “liberated,” like a total asshole.

Today, at the propaganda thingy held by Trump, he said “I told the Governor of Georgia Brian Kemp that I disagree strongly with his decision to open certain facilities which are in violation of the phase one guidelines for the incredible people of Georgia.”

Trump suggested he would intervene if he saw “something totally egregious.” “I love those people. They’re great. They’ve been strong, resolute, but at the same time, he must do what he thinks is right. I want him to do what he thinks is right, but I disagree with him on what he’s doing but I want to let the governors do (what they want),” Trump said. “Now, if I see something totally egregious, totally out of line, I’ll do (something),” Trump said, but did not provide specifics on what he would do.

Some interesting food for thought and things to watch over the next 24 hours. . . .

First, what will Governor Kemp’s response be, assuming Trump does not say the complete opposite at tomorrow’s press conference, which is a distinct possibility?

Governor Kemp is likely completely confused, believing he was doing “The King of Ventilators” a solid by “liberating” Georgians to be free to catch the Coronavirus in public settings.

Second, was Trump presented with new data from scientists that spooked him to change his tone today?

Was he simply tired today and worn down by his incompetence, or did the medical professionals inform him that we have had some of the highest Coronavirus death rates in the Country over the past 24 hours and that the States that have not taken social distancing practices seriously have had their worst days yet in infection and death rates with no end in site.

Stay tuned!

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