Cuomo Hopes For Sports to Return ‘Soon’ Without Fans

With each day that passes by, sports fans across the globe are being robbed of the simple joy that competition brings.

Whether it’s a hometown team’s win over their rival or the anticipation of a long awaited title run coming to fruition – the one thing we will never be able to recoup are the memories that sports cement in our lives.

For a true fanatic, these memories last a lifetime and are shared from generation to generation. They can range from the highs of improbable victories to the lows of bitter defeats. With seemingly no light at the end of this COVID-19 tunnel, we look to leadership to not only guide us to safety but also to provide a temperature check on when our lives and society as a whole will be back to normal, well the “new normal.”

New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, is that leader. 

On Tuesday, during Governor Cuomo’s daily press briefing, it was made clear that Cuomo is hoping for sports to return “soon” without fans in the stands. 

As reported by profootballtalk.com, Cuomo stated, “I would like to start watching sports… You know, whether or not we sit in a stadium with thousands of others, I don’t know that that is in the short term for the foreseeable future, but I don’t know why we can’t watch it on television, right? Why can’t you have games with no audiences, and just to start the sports and entertainment so people have something to watch and follow?”

It’s hard to comprehend any realistic timetable for professional sports leagues to resume play. Some experts suggest the earliest could be Thanksgiving (and we’d be lucky)!

For now, however, we’ll take Governor Cuomo’s, “soon” at face value.

We have to hang on to something… don’t we? 

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