Cuomo: NY COVID–19 Curve is Flattening

In his daily briefing Monday morning, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo reported new data that shows a flattening coronavirus curve for the first time since the outbreak.

The news offers a glimmer of hope to the state, which in the past few months has become the nation’s epicenter for the coronavirus cases.

The governor and public health experts attribute the flattening of the curve to social distancing measures instituted at the state level.

New York currently has accounted for 122,031 of the nation’s 347,384 cases – a whopping 35%.

Meanwhile, eight Republican-run states still refuse to enact similar ‘Stay-at-Home’ policies, despite pleas from infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci.

We hope that New York continues to trend in a positive direction and that the rest of the U.S. takes their lead.

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