DIY: How to Make a Face Mask Out of a Bandana

How to make a face mask out of a bandana

Los Angeles based DJ Gary Richards, famously known as Destructo, shows off creative DIY solution.

The past few weeks has brought us a flurry of often contradictory information regarding how to best protect yourself from the novel coronavirus.

First, U.S. officials adamantly pleaded with Americans to not wear face masks. Then a few days ago, the CDC did an abrupt about-face, now recommending that people wear masks to prevent themselves and others from the virus.

As a result of high demand, face masks were already difficult to find before the new guidelines. Now, they’re near impossible. Sure, you can try your luck on Amazon, but even best case scenarios won’t get you a mask until late May or June. So much for Prime 2-day shipping.

Thankfully, thanks to the ingenuity of Los Angeles-based DJ Destructo, we have a DIY solution to our woes. All you need is a bandana.

In a video post on Instagram, the renowned DJ said:

“Today Los Angeles issued new guidance to residence on the importance of wearing face covering in public. Here is a tip using a bandana and 2 hair ties. Btw, I am realizing I was a germophobe pre Covid and have most supplies needed to stay safe. Please stay home if you can and stay positive we will get through this together. đŸ˜· Xo”

Watch his genius DIY video below, and follow Destructo on Twitter here!

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