Donald Trump is Irrelevant

It’s time to face the cold-hard truth: Donald Trump is irrelevant.

Donald Trump’s support is waning. He is merely an empty vessel for which Republicans can appoint judges and jam through boneheaded policies. He has been reduced to a low-rent Twitter troll with no real political capital or standing.

On Monday, the president falsely claimed that “it is the decision of the president” and not governors to reopen the country. One issue? Trump never shut down the country in the first place. The ultimate decision to “reopen” economies will be entirely at the direction of governors. Perhaps one of these so-called “states-rights” Republicans should show the president the 10th Amendement to the U.S. Constitution.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the president has led from behind. His inaction created a power vacuum filled by health experts such as Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci, as well as the leadership of governors like Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo. In effect, he took the fast train to irrelevance — with a one-way ticket.

Donald Trump’s poll numbers are now underwater. In fact, they are even worse when you compare them to the approval ratings of nearly everyone else in a leadership role. While a plurality of voters give the president a failing grade on his handling on the coronavirus crisis, Dr. Anthony Fauci holds a 78% approval rating and individuals’ state governors hold a 74% approval rating.

The ‘Greatest Economy in the World™’ is in a near depression. Tens of thousands have died. People who need tests, still cannot get tests. The president continues to promote miracle cures to treat COVID-19 such a hydroxychloroquine, even as studies show life-threatening effects. Despite all that, the president continues tweeting into the abyss about his ratings and the ‘fake news’ media.

This time, no one is listening.

Donald Trump isn’t just a terrible president. He’s an irrelevant one.

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