Don’t Take the General Flynn Bait

Every time President Trump finds himself in a seemingly inescapable jam, either by design or by incompetence, he has a habit of dangling a shiny object for the media and the public to latch onto.

General Michael Flynn is Trump’s latest distraction. Don’t take the bait.

The president’s former national security advisor was indicted as part of the Russia probe and was quick to submit a felony guilty plea after making false statements to the FBI. He was one of the first in a series of dominos to fall amongst a sea of corruption in the Trump administration.

Yet, it seems that Flynn is now having second thoughts about his admission of guilt.

We’re not even going to humor the former general’s complete 180. He was guilty then, and remains guilty now.

The difference is he now sees a president with plummeting poll numbers and nothing to lose.

Flynn is vying for a pardon. And with the diversion this would create as Trump’s mishandling of the coronavirus remains front page news, Trump and his Republican colleagues may very well be happy to oblige.

The president and conservative politicians and media have suddenly ramped up their calls to “Exonerate Flynn.”

But let’s be clear.

They’d rather you argue about General Flynn than discuss the fact that over 60,000 Americans have unnecessarily died on their watch and over 1 million have contracted the coronavirus.

Yes, we can chew gum and walk at the same time, but don’t let the Flynn story take your eyes off the ball. The president’s incompetence is literally killing Americans. It’s nearly May, and he’s still saying that “one day” the virus will go away, like magic.

President Trump has long been successful in waging messaging wars. For the first time, Trump is facing a crisis that cuts through his ability to bend media narratives.

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