Dr. Anthony Fauci to Get Extra Security Amid Threats to Safety

A bombshell report from The Washington Post claims that Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, has been granted extra security by the government amid growing threats to his safety, according to sources.

The doctor, who in recent months has become a household fixture as a leader of the coronavirus pandemic response, has received vitriolic criticism online by right-wing trolls, who paint him as a dangerous member of the so-called ‘deep state.’

Fauci has worked as a trusted advisor to presidents on both sides of the aisle, dating back to administration of Ronald Reagan.

Though Dr. Fauci and President Trump appear to have a cordial relationship, the NYTimes reports that Trump has been ‘losing his patience’ with the expert, growing frustrated as Fauci corrects the president’s misinformation during briefings.

Notably, a video of Dr. Fauci seemingly face-palming in disbelief when Trump referred to the State Department as the ‘Deep State Department’ went viral recently, stirring further speculation of a rift between the two men.

This is a developing story.

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