ESPN’s Michael Jordan Doc ‘The Last Dance’ Gets A New Release Date

If you don’t know by now the highly anticipated 10-part 20 hour documentary on Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls has had it’s release date moved up to Sunday, April 19.

“The Last Dance,”  will take its audiences through the final Chicago Bulls championship run during the 1997/1998 season. With the original launch date set for June (to more closely align with what was supposed to be the NBA Finals), the worldwide leader in sports responded to fans’ pleas to release the documentary sooner given the current state of affairs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

One notable “fan” with a bit of a following & was hoping to see this happen is NBA superstar, LeBron James. Over a recent video chat with former teammate, longtime friend & current ESPN employee – Richard Jefferson, Lebron stated, “No, I’m telling you, if they release that thing right now, the views on that thing…” Less than 5 days later ESPN announced the new release date.  

Although it may look like LeBron was the deciding voice (the real G.O.A.T strikes again), Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus, has a different perspective

No matter who made the final call, we’re just happy we’ll get to enjoy this two months ahead of schedule. 

“The Last Dance” premiers on Sunday April 19 at  9pm EST on ESPN.

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