EXCLUSIVE: Houston Astros Call Donating World Series Money ‘Pandering’

We wrote yesterday about the Houston Astros’ Motion to Dismiss or Transfer the Mike Bolsinger lawsuit to Texas and how Jim Crane filed a bizarre declaration claiming he was totally exonerated by the MLB and essentially blamed his players.

Well, we took a deeper dive today into the Houston Astros legal filing and found another gem. You will recall one of the requests Mike Bolsinger made in his lawsuit was that even though the Houston Astros’ cheating caused him to lose his career, that Bolsinger wanted the $31 million earned by the Astros in post-season bonuses for winning the World Series in 2017 to go to charity, and preferably charities in Los Angeles for children and retired players who are disabled.

In their motion papers, not only do the Houston Astros reject the idea of returning the money they unjustly received by cheating to charity, but they claim the request they return the money is, get this, pandering.

The Astros and Jim Crane argue, “[Bolsinger’s]contention that, should he be awarded ‘restitution’ in the amount of $31 million—a staggering sum he bases on purported ‘post-season bonuses earned from winning the 2017 World Series’—he would donate a portion of that windfall to ‘charities’ is both pandering and legally insufficient to make this Court a convenient forum.”

There you have it folks. Apparently, for the Houston Astros, it is perfectly acceptable to cheat and receive $31 million. Yet, the audacity of asking that the money earned through cheating be returned to charity is “pandering” according to the Houston Astros.

What do you think? See the legal filing below:


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