EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Queens Resident Who Posted Viral Video of Crowded Park In Epicenter of Pandemic

Meidas Touch legal analyst Ben Meiselas ZOOMs (is that a word yet?) with Chris Keelty whose video of a crowded park in Astoria, Queens, went viral this week causing concerned citizens to demand better implementation of social distancing guidelines.

Chris, a resident of Astoria, was out for a jog Friday and was passing the track on his route. He was surprised to see the track and surrounding workout area packed, and WE MEAN PACKED!!! People were sharing the outside workout equipment and walking and jogging next to each other on the track like it was 2019 or something!

Chris was obviously concerned given all of the social distancing guidelines purportedly in place and began recording with his phone. He recorded and posted the video on Twitter in hopes of spurring action from City Council or other politicians to DO SOMETHING to encourage safer spaces and avoid community spread of the Coronavirus.

Chris (and all of us) SHOULD BE concerned! New York is the epicenter of the Coronavirus pandemic in the United States world.

Recent videos of overcrowded Queens hospitals paint an apocalyptic picture. We certainly recognize the importance of staying fit and active but, as Chris mentions in the interview, there are many safe ways to do so that don’t involve congregating in parks and risking your health and safety and the health and safety of others.

We reached out to Astoria Councilman Costa Constantinides for comment and have not heard back.

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