EXCLUSIVE NEW VIDEO: MeidasTouch Presents ‘Bye, Ivanka’

A Public Disservice Announcement

MeidasTouch’s new video ‘Bye Ivanka’ has been launched with the hashtag #ByeIvanka.  The video takes the commencement address given by Ivanka Trump today that no one asked her or invited her to give (which she gave in front of an empty room using White House resources after Wichita State canceled her speech because she and her family are hate-mongers) and places her scripted, sterile, and disingenuous words against the backdrop of what is actually going on in the country.

The tears described in Ivanka’s speech are not the tears of happiness from graduating as she would have us think, but tears from the tear gas blasted in the faces of peaceful freedom fighters in the streets of Washington D.C. and across the country at the command of her father. 

Ivanka Trump’s attempts at relating with graduates is laughable if it were not so sad.  The only struggle and sacrifice known to Ivanka is trying to trick the American people into believing she would somehow try to moderate the hateful messages and policies of her dad. However, like all members of the Trump clan, Ivanka is a fraud, a coward, and fake who cares about nothing and no one other than keeping the Trump crime family afloat.

This video is our message to Ivanka.  We will never forget the damage you and your family have caused this nation.  We will hold you accountable now, and forever. #ByeIvanka

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11 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE NEW VIDEO: MeidasTouch Presents ‘Bye, Ivanka’

  1. Why was this woman, with no accomplishments other than being a corrupt member of a crime family, asked to speak at all?

  2. Well done, Meidas! I caanot WAIT to see what the future holds for this opportunistic gang of grifters come November! <3

  3. Indeed, WHO has every asked this corrupt whore to speak????? Who are here enablers? Find them and expose them. IT IS THE AMERICAN voters who are just as guilty as the criminals they have elected and continue to tolerate. Why aren’t Americans in the streets protesting these people. Instead, someone asked HER to speak???? Find the root of the problem and get it out. The voters MUST be exposed. Focus on this in your next advert.

  4. Agree well done the truth is the light. We need both in this corrupt world. From the highest office where unity should prevail but DOES NOT. People vote on November 3 change is NEEDED.

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