EXCLUSIVE NEW VIDEO: MeidasTouch Presents ‘Fred’s Failure’

Donald Trump has never earned a single thing in his entire life. Everything he inherits, he breaks. Donald Trump is like King Midas, but rather than turning to gold, everything he touches dies a swift death.

Our Father’s Day gift to Donald Trump, ‘Fred’s Failure,’ launching with hashtag #FredFailure’s, is an unforgiving look at Donald Trump’s track record.

Donald’s father Fred set his son up for success, but time after time, Donald failed.

Donald is not only Fred’s failure, but he is now America’s failure as well.

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2 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE NEW VIDEO: MeidasTouch Presents ‘Fred’s Failure’

  1. You could add that he ruined the USFL by starting a bidding war for players and then suing the NFL. He won the lawsuit but was awarded $1 Diller in damages

  2. And don’t forget this failure, while parrots repeat “Trump is great for ‘the blacks’ nonsense” https://twitter.com/nowthisnews/status/1115447993195360257

    I only hope his financial records are disclosed one way or another. He has a love child via adultery (Deutsche Bank), countless fake businesses for the purpose of fraud, including for his 3rd wife. While his maga-not-lemmings believe he’s the only casino owner, who never ran prostitutes to VIP rooms. LOLLL Those poor girls he harmed. OMG. He hasn’t looked back to even care, nor even care about persons he didn’t pay for work at Mar-A-Lago, persons with families and real bills to pay.

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