EXCLUSIVE NEW VIDEO: MeidasTouch Presents ‘Quid Pro Trump’

The new MeidasTouch video “Quid Pro Trump,” hashtag #QuidProTrump, was inspired by today’s news concerning former United States national security advisor John Bolton’s new book.

In the book, Bolton described how Donald Trump personally asked his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, to help him win the 2020 US presidential election. On almost every issue from trade to national security, Trump has talked a big game when it comes to China but ultimately he has caved to the demands and will of China at each turn. We now learn from John Bolton, who has served at the highest levels of previous Republican administrations, that Trump was yet again seeking quid pro quos for himself at the expense of the country, this time from China.

While the video focuses on the recent breaking news relating to China, the hashtag #QuidProTrump is intended to emphasize that at all turns Trump has placed his own interests above the interests of this country. Trump does not negotiated or represent the United States. He represents Donald Trump and the failing enterprise know as Trump Inc. From Russia, to Ukraine, to China, Trump has turned our country into a pinata for foreign countries to whack around and take what it wishes so that Trump can seek out things for his own personal gain. Donald Trump is Quid Pro Trump! #QuidProTrump.

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1 thought on “EXCLUSIVE NEW VIDEO: MeidasTouch Presents ‘Quid Pro Trump’

  1. Fantastic video!!! I love your videos, but you missed the mark on the one about the failure of the rally. There should have been more about what he said. The nonsense that we need to quit testing for COVID 19 then the cases will go down. The idiotic remarks that the peaceful protesters were stopping the people from coming in (of course a lie!!) The way he’s called the virus names referring to the Chinese people.

    I would love to see you put something out about Martha McSally lying about our beloved astronaut Mark Kelly and him being owned by China.

    Arizona is a must win state as you know. We have to flip McSally to Mark Kelly. I have been a life long Republican and I voted for Trump sorry to say!! Last year I changed my party preference to Democrat. Trump lies every time he opens his mouth!!! My college degree is in Political Science and Pre-Law (minor) from Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, IL. I have lived in Phoenix, AZ and am an insurance agent for Humana.

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