EXCLUSIVE NEW VIDEO: MeidasTouch Presents ‘#UglyPresident’

Earlier today, President Trump went on National TV and described the horrific and unjust police brutality playing out across the country in response to peaceful protests as a “beautiful scene”.

In an utterly bizarre follow-up, Trump stated that “[The National Guard] is dominating the street with compassion.”

Compassion? Please explain how firing tear gas and rubber bullets in the faces of peaceful protestors (and reporters) is anything remotely related to the definition of the word “compassion”.

The latest MeidasTouch video, #UglyPresident, once again exposes Trump’s futile attempt to rewrite history by showing the truth of what’s actually happening in the streets… and as you will see, it’s anything but beautiful. 

14 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE NEW VIDEO: MeidasTouch Presents ‘#UglyPresident’

  1. Draft dodger bone spurs is a Bully, liar a TYRENT! He needs to go and go now! Apparently he is golfing today at his New Jersey course. In the middle of social change and a pandemic, which shows the number of covid-19 cases increasing! That is NOT how a leader should act! His tweets and violent rhetoric may be what his followers want to hear, but I believe most of America is sick and tired of him. How about the 25th amendment!?

  2. I can’t even read about or look at this PIG in the white house anymore. i am TOTALLY disgusted . and i am baffled and saddened that NOTHING is being done to stop him.

  3. Thank you for this outstanding PSA. I only hope the “Real” Fake President DJT will show up at the RNC without his robes, exposed enough to turn off even his base. Unfortunately, there are a lot who think like him, that violence against (peaceful) protesters is beautiful.

    1. I love the videos and commentary, but how about somewhere on the site that encourages people to register to vote to remove him from office in November? That’s where the real problem lies. We all grumble but most of the grumblers won’t make the effort to get out and vote.

  4. I can’t understand how they allow this lying lowlife criminal to stay in office. We have lost all our rights because of this dictator. He broke his oath of office day one. Because he never had any separation of business
    He moved business operations into the White House with his daughter. This Crime lord has a history of breaking the law and tax evasion. He walks on our Constitution like it means nothing.
    He thinks he is king and above the law. He should have been removed and jailed 3 years ago.

  5. Great job! I enjoy your honest representation of what is sadly happening in America. All the world used to laugh at his antics but it has gone on too long, getting worse for three 1/2 years – now the world is frightened and feeling sorry for your country (at least from what I read and hear from my international friends). I sincerely hope he is deposed (oops, voted out) in November. I hope he leaves quietly without tweeting out to his “base” to start an armed insurrection. Funny how the word “base” accurately describes his fans.

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