Exclusive New Video: MeidasTouch Presents ‘Vote Out Hate’

Don’t be distracted by Donald Trump trying to blame others for his disastrous leadership. Let’s be clear. The hate, the venom, the racism, and the divisiveness is coming directly from the White House. Period. 

As Trump distracts and deflects, we at MeidasTouch want the nation to remain laser focused on who the REAL agitator of hate and violence is. It’s Donald Trump. Trump campaigned on hate and once he took power, he has called on racist and hateful groups to cause chaos and mayhem. When courageous Americans sought to protest peacefully, Trump called for violence and hate and applauded groups who called for violence on black and brown communities in America. 

It is sad, but undeniable, that the White House which once was a symbol of hope, is now a House of Hate. This November, you will have the opportunity to #VoteOutHate

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6 thoughts on “Exclusive New Video: MeidasTouch Presents ‘Vote Out Hate’

  1. With regards to the “vote out hate” video, when did Trump say the words “I can’t breathe!”?

    If he uttered those words recently, then by all means, leave it in, and nail Trump to the wall with it.

    But if Trump said “I can’t breathe” before George Floyd’s murder, then despite my liberal leanings, I cannot share your video. Taking Trump quotes out of context and out of chronological order HARMS our opposition to him. It plays into the hands of those who want to call things “fake.” It makes the video dubious, less effective.

    I searched for Trump’s “I can’t breathe” clip, but could not find the context, but if it’s unrelated to police brutality, then it makes the video feel manipulative, when it doesn’t have to be.

    You have the ability to change minds with these videos. If your intended audience is people who are already against Trump, then I guess you should disregard this message because it doesn’t really matter. But if you are trying to change the mind of moderates in the middle, people who are undecided, or Republican’s uncomfortable with Trump, then I guarantee you that posting a manipulative video won’t sway them. If there is something in the video they can point to as “untrue“ or “misconstrued“ or “misrepresented“ or “manipulative“, then it will make it easy for them to dismiss the video.

    Don’t make it easy for them. Trump gives us so much ammunition to bash them with, we don’t need manipulative video or creative editing. We just need to use his own words against him in the most honest and straightforward way possible.

    Thanks for listening. Dump Trump 2020.

    Dave Carlson
    Lockport, Illinois

    1. When Donald Trump said this, he was mocking Eric Garner who was brutally killed by police after repeating the phrase, “I can’t breathe.” Our video draws a direct link between the President’s hateful rhetoric and the horrific killing of George Floyd, who uttered the same tragic words at the hands of the police.

      1. I would suggesting annotating the “I can’t breathe” clip with the month/year and something like, “Trump’s response to Eric Garner’s 2016 death in a police chokehold.” As it is, I didn’t recognize the clip though I knew Trump didn’t say it re George Floyd. I suspect most viewers won’t connect it to Eric Garner, or even remember that tragedy — four years is a looooong time in the Trump era.

        Annotation would prompt viewers to look up Eric Garner. That would be good. Meidas Touch, your videos are absolutely brilliant. You’re smartly using Trump’s own words against him. Stellar work. Thank you.

  2. The problem with ignorants, yeah but… 🙄.
    EXCELLENT work, you’ve summarized the beast’s job, not just lately, but his WHOLE administration…. EVEN BEFORE! There is do much more out there that ot will prove how disgusting this narcissistic nazi is.

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