As Memorial Day Weekend kicks off, MeidasTouch created this video to highlight the hypocrisy of our inept, corrupt and heartless president. We have released the video with the hashtag #TrumpGolfsYouDie.

As the U.S. approaches 100,000 deaths due to the coronavirus, a deadly disease once dismissed as a hoax by President Trump, the president has returned once again to the golf course.

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As the coronavirus began to spread throughout the U.S., Trump is known to have golfed on February 1, 2, 15 and March 7 and 8.

Many speculated that Trump would go golfing this weekend yesterday when Dr. Birx made a point to announce to the American people, “So we’re asking continuously for you all to be outside. To enjoy your Memorial Day weekend. To play golf…”

Prior to his election, President Trump was a harsh critic of President Obama’s golfing habits, saying it “sends the wrong signal.”

As president, Trump’s hypocrisy is on full display. He has played golf far more than President Obama, even in the midst of one of the biggest crises in American history.

Our video uses Trump’s own words against him as he gets back on the golf course, without a plan in sight to deal with our coronavirus nightmare.

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2 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE NEW VIDEO: Trump Golfs, You Die

  1. He is a hypocrite of the first order, he thinks only about himself and his pleasures…so what if people die, it’s more important to go out and play golf. This being is EVIL INCARNATE with the intelligence of an amoeba (and that’s an insult to the amoeba. He lies so much he doesn’t know what he said 5 minutes ago. Come November, citizens of the US get out and VOTE, VOTE LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT BECAUSE IT DOES!!!

  2. These videos are fabulous! I hope they are getting wide viewing, especially in those red states and swing states. Well done and thank you!!

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