Exclusive: NFLPA And NFL Refuse to Address Changes Made To CBA After Vote

The Changes Took Disability Benefits Away From Hundreds of Players — IS LEGAL ACTION COMING?

It has been two days since Eric Reid tweeted the letter sent by his lawyer Ben Meiselas to NFLPA Executive DeMaurice Smith demanding answers why the NFLPA made changes to the CBA AFTER the vote concluded on March 14, 2020. The NFLPA has refused to provide answers suggesting they have no valid explanation and may be actively working behind the scenes with the NFL to cover-up their potential misconduct.

Eric Reid’s “tweet-heard-round-the-football-world” was sent this Monday. The letter provided direct and undisputed evidence that the NFLPA changed the terms of the CBA after the vote, and in particular Article 60 Section 4, to add new clauses (not in the proposed CBA given to players to vote on) reducing disability benefits to players who applied for disability before January 1, 2015.

Permanently disabled NFL players gave their life to the sport and literally depend on these disability benefits to live. The fact that the benefits they were promised are being taken from them and being labeled a “small concession” by the NFLPA is hard to believe. To add insult to injury, the fact that disability benefits are being taken away from players through changes to the CBA after the vote was taken is entirely perplexing and a new low even for the NFLPA and its leadership. Permanently disabled retired players have expressed their utter frustration and distress with the NFLPA’s conduct.

Mike Florio of Proofootballtalk.com wrote, “The March 5, 2020 and March 15, 2020 agreements definitely contain different language in Article 60, Section 4. At a minimum, the difference in language cries out of an explanation because, indeed, the language should not have changed from the version on which the players voted to the final version — especially if, as alleged, the revisions make a significant change to eligibility for and/or amount of disability payments.”

However, according to the Associated Press, “The NFL declined comment and the NFLPA did not respond to a request for comment on Reid’s letter or say why the language was modified after the vote.”

Attorney Ben Meiselas tells us he has not heard back from DeMaurice Smith or anyone from the NFLPA since he sent the letter demanding an independent investigation on Monday.

Meiselas tells us he has been speaking with disabled players impacted by the manipulation of the CBA and would consider legal action if the NFLPA does not remedy the situation. “What did we expect? We expected transparency or at the very least a response to our letter,” Meiselas tells us. “The bunker mentality by the NFLPA is unacceptable but tells you the unfortunate truth about what took place here and how viciously disabled players have been thrown under the bus by their purported union,” Meiselas said.

Meidas Touch will update this story if the NFLPA issues a response.

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