FLASHBACK: Trump Admin GAVE AWAY Life-Saving Medical Supplies to China

As the Coronavirus pandemic reaches catastrophic proportions, states around the country are struggle to find basic medical supplies.

In fact, basic supplies such as N95 face masks and ventilators have becomes so hard to get, that hospitals are resorting to makeshift solutions to get by. For example, some nurses resorted to wearing scarves for face protection. New York hospitals are forced to share ventilators amongst multiple people.

As Donald Trump continues to tweet about his ratings while cases of COVID-19 spike, people are desperate to locate the much-needed supplies.

On Sunday, Twitter user Mikel Jollett rehashed a now shocking tweet from Secretary Pompeo, posted in February. In the tweet, Pompeo states that the U.S. had sent vital medical supplies to China to help those affected by the coronavirus in Wuhan.

While we should be providing relief to those in need, this begs the question: why didn’t we have a plan to replenish these supplies?

This is yet another act of gross negligence by an incompetent administration.

America first?

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