Former President Barack Obama Endorses Joe Biden For President

Barack Obama endorses Joe Biden for President

Former President Obama officially endorsed his former running mate Joe Biden on Tuesday for President of the United States. In a video message, Obama made clear why he believes Biden is the candidate needed at this moment of crisis in America.

Obama affirmed, “I believe Joe has all the qualities we need in a President right now.”

The former president has moved in relative silence throughout the Democratic primary battle, instead allowing the process to run its course without his influence.

Yesterday, Senator Bernie Sanders endorsed former Vice President Biden, solidifying Biden as the presumptive nominee and allowing for the political reemergence of President Obama.

Nearly four years after his second term came to a close, President Obama remains perhaps the most popular figure in the Democratic Party. His leadership and scandal-free administration have become the ultimate foils to the chaos and destruction wrought by the current president.

A reinvigorated President Obama hitting the campaign trail is exactly what the Biden campaign needs to build enthusiasm and ensure a victory in November.

Sorry, Michelle Bachmann.

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