Heroic Nurses Stand Ground Against Anti-Lockdown Protesters

DENVER, CO — Two heroic nurses bravely stood their ground as anti-lockdown protesters blocked city streets Sunday.

“They were blocking the roads until the police force stepped in. People were putting their cars right up against them,” said photojournalist Alyson McClaren, who captured the stunning images of the moment. 

One woman who approached the nurses by car, clad in full U.S.A. regalia, held a sign that read “LAND FREE.” She can be heard yelling at the nurses to “Go to China if you want communism.”

The Internet was quick the point out the irony as the woman inadvertently recreated the iconic Tiananmen Square photo — from China.

‘Mom’ actress Kristen Johnston noted, “I can’t believe these Denver healthcare workers had to do this. Like they aren’t already risking their lives.”

The President, in an attempt to shift blame to the states, continues to encourage civil unrest throughout the country, pubic health risks be damned.

The sad part?

These demonstrations will invariably result in further spread of the disease, and many of these self-proclaimed freedom fighters will end up sick or dead.

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