MEIDAS EXCLUSIVE: I Got My Letter Today, Oh Boy

When the return address reads IRS you open it, maybe even without a second thought about Covid-19’s life on the surface of things, or the longevity of the U.S. Postal Service that delivered it, or the dog who for ten years now has objected to any mail being delivered.

And lo & behold, inside the letterhead confusingly barks  “The White House”?  Perhaps they have discovered my Facebook page and are threatening me with IRS action unless I take down all those Trump cartoons I’ve aggregated there because they aggravate them? 

No, the White House would not use the IRS to threaten me, would they? Well maybe, yes, this White House might.

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Alas no, this is a political letter, one signed by Trump with that infamous sharpie he keeps at hand ready to change a storm chart, an unfavorable poll, or Obama proclamation in a moments notice.  I initially panic. I don’t want to hold a letter from Trump in my hand.  I flashback to how long it took me to get over the campaign letter from Pence which errantly found its way into my home  (Hint: that one had a postage paid return envelope included). 

This letter was in fact mandated by the CARES Act, to inform recipients of the details of their stimulus payment, so as to help prevent possible fraud or misappropriation. The lawmakers simply wanted to insure recipients knew money had been sent their way, so be on the look out for it if you have not yet received it. A form letter that should have been signed by a civil servant at the Treasury Dept., if by anyone at all.

I started a slow boil. The idea that once again this stain on the office of the presidency had found a way to use a government agency to his personal benefit.  The proof that even the death of over 93,000 Americans from Covid 19, and counting, depending on who is counting, doesn’t give him pause in taking some form of self-aggrandizing credit.  He also had his signature placed on stimulus checks as if he were personally sending the money (if he was the check would surely bounce).

Trump stops just short of his latest slogan Make America Great Again in the letter instead writing “America will triumph yet again” with him as president.   Just as the Department of Justice has been turned into his personal law firm, the IRS is now his personal PR firm?  I wonder how this administration is capable of using a supposedly independent non-political agency as a political tool?   How do you trust an IRS that is campaigning for one candidate?

Pretty much all our government agencies, if they have anyone in charge, are now being run by Trump supporters, donors, and or lobbyists, who loud and clear were opponents of the very agency they now control.  That is Trumps sole criteria for hiring. This is what he meant by draining the swamp.  If there is any hope for reestablishing the peoples house, and a semblance of the American government, what we need to see in the mail is a change of address card for Trump Inc. come November.

Oh, one saving grace. There was also a letter from President Obama in the mail today. A fundraiser, requesting a donation to help elect Joe Biden,  listing all his reasons why. 

So I mailed its postage paid envelope back (this time with money in it) and I burned that one from the White House.

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2 thoughts on “MEIDAS EXCLUSIVE: I Got My Letter Today, Oh Boy

  1. This nicely captures my continued bewilderment that Donald Trump is president and using and abusing our government agencies.

  2. NICE! I can’t wait to get the BS letter. Can’t wait to send it back to #delusionaldon to let him know I sent the entirety of the tax free $1,200 check to the Biden Campaign.

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