INTERVIEW: Italian Professional Basketball Player Talks COVID-19

MeidasTouch legal analyst Ben Meiselas interviews Italian Professional Basketball Player Amedeo Della Valle who is currently quarantined in Alba, Italy to discuss the impact of the COVID pandemic.

Della Valle plays for the Olimpia Milano of the Lega Basket Serie A (LBA) and the EuroLeague, a team owned by Giorgio Armani. Della Valle went to college at The Ohio State University. Della Valle discussed with Meiselas how his basketball team learned of the Coronavirus and how the situation continued to get more serious until the LBA season was cancelled and EuroLeague suspended.

Interestingly, as Italy’s experience with COVID previewed what was to come in the United States, Della Valle’s experience is instructive as to where we might be headed. Unlike in the United States, the LBA and EuroLeague at first attempted to play in front of empty stadiums, experiences which Della Valle shares during the interview. Ultimately, concerns for player safety grew leading to the shutdown of sports.

Della Valle explains how the sports leagues in Europe have tried to identify potential locations to restart their sports season safely, but have not been able to do so thus far. The EuroLeague will be suspended until at least July.

So what does Della Valle look forward to most once he can safely travel again? Della Valle says he looks forward to going back to visit The Ohio State Campus and shooting hoops with the students.

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