Interview: Mia St. John Discusses Impact Of Pandemic on Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Mia St. John interviewed about homeless crisis during pandemic

Professional boxing champion and mental health advocate Mia St. John chats with MeidasTouch legal analyst Ben Meiselas about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on mental health, substance abuse, and the homeless crisis in Los Angeles.

Mia and Ben tackle a number of issues that have gone ignored during the current health crisis including:

  • How do we balance strict social distancing guidelines with the need to deliver food and services to the homeless population?
  • How can those recovering from alcohol abuse navigate the current climate where AA meetings are canceled yet alcohol delivery has been deemed an “essential service?”
  • Where can you find a virtual AA meeting?
  • How can we discourage people from stigmatizing the homeless population as carriers of the coronavirus when we’ve seen that the coronavirus impacts everyone equally — regardless of wealth, race, ethnicity, or gender.

Mia shares with Ben what she has seen and experienced recently as she has attempted to donate food and supplies to the homeless and how the pandemic has impacted her incredible charitable work with “Step Up,” where she serves on the Board of Directors and leads a number of programs to help the homeless, including a hugely successful boxing program.

Watch the full interview here:

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