Is Walmart Covering Up A Massive Coronavirus Crisis At Its Stores? Online Whistleblowers Sound The Alarm

As other businesses have shut down during the coronavirus pandemic, Walmart stores across the nation have taken advantage of its purported status as an “essential” business and have remained open with profits soaring. But at what price?

Whistleblowers have taken to social media and have reported coronavirus infections at Walmart stores across the nation in the absence of other reporting. The whistleblowers have alleged that Walmart is not adequately protecting its staff and shoppers from community spread of the novel coronavirus and that Walmart is covering up the scale of infections in it stores across the country.

MeidasTouch has compiled a sample of social media posts made over the past week by these whistleblowers. The allegations by these whistleblowers, if true, paints a disturbing picture of a company more interested in profits than protecting against the perils of the coronavirus, and a company which has failed to adequately inform the communities it serves of infections in its stores. More frequently, it appears Walmart has been forced to respond to the whistleblowers posts than itself proactively notifying the community of infections in its stores.

Here are just a handful of posts from the past week:

Whistleblowers have also been dumbfounded, perplexed, and concerned why Walmart has not required its staff to wear masks or protective gear. Walmart has not denied that it does not require its staff to wear masks but stated it has masks in its stores “for any associates who want them.”

Meanwhile, the family of a Walmart employee near Chicago who died from the coronavirus recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the retailer. The suit filed April 6 in Cook County, Ill., alleges Walmart knew about the man’s symptoms and disregarded them. The suit claims Walmart was negligent because the store was not properly cleaned, nor was it practicing social distancing nor provide protective equipment to employees and didn’t tell other store employees when co-workers became symptomatic.

At a time when social gatherings have not only been discouraged, but in many cases have been outlawed, the health implications of permitting large gatherings at Walmart with the circumstances described by whistleblowers is cause for alarm.

Perplexed by its conduct, one user reached out to Walmart and asked a very simple question which Walmart has thus far refused to adequately answer: “What are you doing Walmart?”

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