Italy Leads the Way With Experimental Covid-19 Treatment

As reported Wednesday by CNN, Italy is looking at their dire situation in a way that would turn their suffering into saving.

Throughout the seemingly never ending saga that is COVID-19, Italy was one of the first and hardest hit countries in the world. Well it appears that Italian doctors are looking to change the course of history by leading the way with an experimental blood plasma treatment. 

CNN’s reports goes on to state:

The country is pinning its hopes on using the blood plasma of Covid-19 survivors to help those who are suffering most from it in hospitals now.”Good can come out of this,” said Dr. Fausto Baldanti. “We had such a huge outbreak, [that] now we have many potential donors.”

People who recover from an infection, or who tested positive but never experienced symptoms, develop antibodies in their blood plasma. Those antibodies can be transfused into another victim, where they might help to neutralize the virus in the recipient’s body.

For decades, doctors have used plasma or even whole blood from recovered patients to treat the newly infected.

The report notes that the treatment is still in an early experimental phase in Italy.

Even so, this report proves that whenever things appear to be at their worst, the good in people will always shine through. 

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