LeBron James Hints at Live Stream Breakdown of His Most Memorable Games

As the NBA (as well as every other sports league…except ostrich racing?) is still suspended indefinitely, players around the league are finding various outlets to keep themselves entertained.

Whether it’s participating in a 2K tournament or just chopping it up with close friends / co-workers on a live-stream, past and present NBA players are reacting to this quarantine just like the rest of us – with extreme boredom.

Well with extreme boredom & adverse conditions comes the opportunity to flex greatness. Just ask Beethoven

Last night LeBron James tweeted that he was thinking about taking to IG live to break down some of his more memorable games throughout his career. Every #NBATwitter fanboy quickly smashed the ‘LIKE’ button as LeBron’s tweet racked up over 170K likes in less than 12 hours. 

Former LSU Player, writer & personality, Josiah Johnson quickly chimed in with a nudge, “Drop it April 19” – hinting LeBron should go head-to-head with Michael Jordan’s “The Last Dance” documentary. Hey, Josiah, that’s G.O.A.T. on G.O.A.T. crime and we’re here for it! 

King James, for the sake of the NBA fans everywhere, please give the people what they so desperately need.

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