MeidasTouch’s Evening Update: 6/26/20

Double Feature: Meidas Touch Releases Two New Ads

#ByeIvanka: Friday Night Release Set to Top 1 Million Views in 4 Hours

#ByeIvanka Hits #2 on Twitter

#MoreLiesMoreDie: Meidas Touch Video Trends #1 on Twitter

#WeWantJoe: #1 Yesterday Seems to be a trend forming, and it’s MeidasTouch.

#NepotismBarbie: Ivanka Trolled After “Skills-Based” Hiring Statement Backfires
Raw Story declares irony dead.

#TraitorTrump: Russian Operatives Offered Bounties for American Soldiers
Administration made aware months ago, did nothing. Additional coverage.

Don’t Get Comfortable: Democrats Caution Against Overconfidence
Keep pushing momentum through election and beyond.

Video: DeSantis Says He Was Right About Florida Re-Opening Plan, Media (and Facts) Wrong!
Ahmed Baba with the video from May 2020.  This probably won’t come up again for Desantis in the future.
Florida sets single day record for cases.

U.S. Mask Requirements by State
Support for masks continues to rise. Unless you are Jim Jordan, Steve Scalise, GOP, Et al.
89% of Americans Wear Masks

COVID-19 Cases in Sunbelt and Western States Have Different Infection Profile
Case Rate Lower in States with Widespread Mask Usage
European Vacations: Cancelled?

Texas AG Celebrates Victory in Limiting Mail-In Balloting and (Likely) Spreading COVID-19
As cases surge in Lone Star State, Texans can count on GOP to make things worse.

Racism in America: NC Racetrack Owner Sells “Bubba Rope”

#StopHateForProfit: Boycott Continues to Grow
More than 100 companies have joined ad spending stop.
Zuckerberg Caves, Claims Facebook Will Start Flagging False Information
Facebook’s Entangled Relationship with the Radical Right

Parler: Read About and Laugh At Conservatives Fleeing to Right Wing Safe Space
Also, we were wrong, there might be one reason to join the soon-to-fail platform. Devin Nunes’ Cow followed him there! We like that cow.

Illegally Funded: Dumb Wall Built with Misappropriated Money
Wait, wasn’t Mexico supposed to pay for that?

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