MeidasTouch’s Saturday Night Good News

Twitter Takeover: MeidasTouch Releases 3 New Videos
#WeWantJoe: Dear Pennsylvania racks up a million plus views.
#MoreLiesMoreDie: hashtag trends following Pence press conference.
#ByeIvanka: 2.3 million views and counting.

Hidden Figures: Mary W. Jackson Gets Long Overdue Honor
Mathematician was a real-life super-hero.  
NPR reports
NASA Press Release

Graduating High School Students Recapture Magic of Senior Year
Doing their part to make the best of social distancing.

Starbucks Barista Gets $65,000 Tip
Lenin Gutiérrez is the hero we need on mask advocacy.

Kamryn & Friends: Minneapolis 9-Year-Olds Raise $100K for Community
Support here.  Additional coverage.

Child Genius Builds No Touch Handwashing Station
Receives Presidential Order of Service.

City Mobilizes to Find Lost Dog
I’m not crying you are.

From Stimulus Check to 1200 Lasagnas
Washington woman helping to feed those in need.

Hundreds of Grocery Deliveries to Seniors
Let’s all give a thumbs up to Greg Dailey of East Windsor, NJ.

Family Camps Out for 24 Hours to Adopt Dog
Video.  Look at that face!

Librarian Reinvents Social Distancing
Delivers books via drone!

Study Says People Naturally Want to Be Kind

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