MeidasTouch’s Top Stories of the Day: 6/25/20

#StopHateForProfit: Boycott of Facebook Continues to Grow
Ben & Jerry’s joins a growing number of companies to pull ads from the social media giant over hate speech.

What is the #StopHateForProfit Campaign?

Parler: Conservatives Flock to New Online Echo-Chamber
Snowflakes gonna snowflake.  They have all the best right-wing trolls!

Carly Fiorina Will Vote for Biden; Trump Mocks (shocker)
How about a donation to Meidas Carly?

How the Republican Party Became the Party of White America
Clare Malone of FiveThirtyEight with a must-read deep dive.
Did the GOP Lose the Culture Wars Already?

Trump’s Performance a Drag on Key GOP Races
From the New York Times.

Los Angeles: Most COVID-19 Cases in the U.S.
69% rise in two days in LA County.

Trump Promised Feds Would Pay for Coronavirus Care
Patients left holding the bill.

Texas to Put Reopening on Pause

Texas Senators Now Think Coronavirus Testing is Good

#DeSantisFailedFlorida: Cuomo With Harsh Remarks for FL Governor

McEnany Fights for Trump and Evangelical Base
The Atlantic looks at the Press Secretary, Trumpism and their relationship with the religious right.

Black Progressive Candidates Look to Get #BlueWave Started
CNN reports on an historic Tuesday as voters showed their support for Black candidates in New York, Virginia and Kentucky.

Non-Whites and Hispanics Are Majority of People Under 16
Historic shift in America’s demographics taking place.   

Racism in America: 3 NC Officers Fired
PD Members said civil war was necessary to wipe African Americans off of the map.
Brutally Offensive Remarks

Racism in America: Branson Store Owners Acknowledge Relationship with KKK
Store owners clashed with Black Lives Matter protesters over the weekend.

Talk of Reparations Payments Increases
Still a long way to go according to this poll as reported by The Hill.  Reuters with additional coverage.

Timeline of Events Since George Floyd’s Death

Chicago PD: Six Times More Likely to Kill African Americans than Whites
Study includes data from 2013-2017.

House to Vote on Policing Bill Thursday
Proposal has the support of leading civil rights groups.

Dixie Chicks No More
Officially change name to “The Chicks”.

Trump Plans Mt. Rushmore 4th of July Celebration
Visit sparks outrage from Native Americans.
National monument and its designer have checkered past.

Splash Mountain No More: Disney to Remake Controversial Ride
Princess and the Frog theme to replace Splash Mountain with entirely re-imagined experience.

Wonkette Looks at Ghouli Giuliani’s Latest Racist Screed

U.S. Treasury Mails Stimulus Checks to Dead People
Watchdog finds $1.4 Billion sent in error.

Second Round of Stimulus Checks Coming?

Opinion: Trump/Trump Voters Unhinged in Treason Accusation Against Obama
John Avlon writing for CNN.

Democrats Blocked the GOP Police Reform Bill; Here’s Why
Li Zhou of Vox with an explainer.

Opinion in Dismissal of Flynn Case by Trump Judicial Appointee Dangerous
Mark Joseph Stern for Slate.

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