MeidasTouch’s Evening Update: 6/22/20

Significant Police Presence Reported in D.C.
Protesters and police clash near the White House.

Hill TV: D.C. Protests

Press Corps Booted from White House Grounds Monday Night According to CNN
Protests currently taking place in D.C.

Branson, We Have a Problem
Viral video shows woman honoring KKK during BLM protest, others show support for the losing side in America’s civil war via racist cosplay with confederate flag.

Trump Keeps at the Dead Horse
The Guardian dismisses Trump’s temper tantrum regarding foreign interference with mail-in voting.

Protesters Try to Topple Andrew Jackson Statute in D.C.
Police called in to reclaim area, reports of violence and pepper spray being used.

Cop Involved in Brooks Shooting Says He Didn’t Do Anything Wrong
USA Today with additional reporting on protests that continue throughout the country.

Portland Has 26th Consecutive Night of Protests

Biden and Trump to Have 3 National Debates
Dates scheduled for September and October.

China Trade Deal Dead?
CNBC reports that Peter Navarro is big mad at China, trade deal done over Beijing’s response to Coronavirus.

Facebook Sees Additional Companies Pull Advertising
Patagonia is the latest brand to pull ads from the social media giant and join the Stop Hate for Profit Campaign. Additional Coverage from NBC

Donald Trump the Political Vulture         
Chauncey DeVega looks at the cold, calculated nationalism and racism embedded in Trump’s reelection campaign.

Fox News Poll Shows Trump Losing His Grip on Evangelicals
Support among key group down 15%.

Opinion – A Look at the GOP’s Plans to Deter Voting in the 2020 Election
James Kitfield looks at recent efforts by the Republican Party designed to discourage voting.

Mourners Pay Tribute to Rayshard Brooks
Service held in Atlanta sees hundreds of attendees.

Trump Administration’s Oversight of PPP Loans Falls Short According to Top Democrats
House Democrats request more robust disclosure of program’s loan recipients.

Biden to Cancel Student Debt, Enact Other Education Programs in Bid to Increase Equality
Adam S. Minsky of Forbes looks at Biden’s plans for financing higher education.

It Wasn’t A Joke, Trump Really Doesn’t Like Testing
A rundown of Trump’s comments on testing leading up to his statement on Saturday regarding asking his people to test less.  Pence Calls Remarks a “Passing Observation”

Anonymous Strikes Again With Blue Leaks Collection
Wired reports on the hacktivist group’s recently published collection of police data including emails, audio video data and intelligence documents.

Trump Administration Triples Down on Kung-Flu, Jokes About Testing

Additional Coverage from Deadline

Two More Trump Staffers Test Positive for Coronavirus

Another Round of Stimulus Payments Possible
Trump might just be looking to send more checks as a last-ditch election strategy.

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