MeidasTouch’s Evening Update: 6/23/20

Meidas Touch Blasts Trump – #TrumpKillsUs Trends

Biden and Obama Raise $11 Million in First 2020 Fundraiser Together
Seems like a lot.  Fundraising record set.

Obama: Great Awakening Happening in America
“People are fed up with the shambolic, disorganized, mean-spirited approach to governance that we’ve seen over the last couple of years.”

Justice Department Gave Preferential Treatment to Disney Villain
It pays to be Trump’s bag man.   Mother Jones with additional coverage.

Whistleblower Set to Testify Wednesday Regarding Trump Administration Interference in Stone Case
DOJ prosecutors were reportedly scared of retaliation by political crime boss Bunker Donald.

Conservative Washington Post Writer Blasts Trump’s Infatuation with Civil War Statues
Matthew Chapman of Raw Story with the breakdown on Trump’s newfound love for soldiers that don’t win.

Trump Rants at Church, Name Checks Kung Flu, Trump Youth Cheer
Things were so much easier when he was just telling people to inject bleach.

More Trump Coronaparty Coverage
Apparently only 3K in attendance.  And hell no they weren’t going to be bothered with masks!

Republicans Break with Administration: We Need More Testing
Who is a GOP voter to believe in these times of crisis?

Fauci Admits Systemic Racism Disproportionately Affecting Black Community in Coronavirus Fight
Justin Wise of the Hill with a summary of Dr. Fauci’s remarks.

Need to Get Access to the Trump Administration? Just Buy it!
Daily Kos reports on access brokering.

Wonkette With a Hilarious Look at the Reshuffling in the Trump Campaign Following Tulsa
Article by Evan Hurst.

Americans Widely Support Police Reforms
The latest AP-NORC poll with analysis from Colleen Long and Hannah Fingerhut.

Stop Saying All Lives Matter
Paxton Baker with an opinion piece for CNN that everyone should read.

Louisville Police Officer Finally Fired in Connection with Breonna Taylor Shooting
First of three officers still remain on administrative assignment.

Piers Morgan Shows His Ass, Questions Who Will Care About the Old White Guy Statues?
British talk show host has opinions on the affairs of former British colony.

EU Considering Travel Ban on US Travelers
Flights originating in Arizona should probably be banned either way.

Mitch McConnell Has Made Voting Harder for Americans, Time to #DitchMitch  
Mother Jones explains.

Despite Record Infections of COVID-19 Cases, Governor Abbot Thinks Texas Can Get Even More!
Abbot says Texans should stay home, but won’t order mandatory masks at mass gatherings?

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