MeidasTouch’s Evening Update: 6/24/20

How the Bully-in-Chief is Corrupting Our Youth – Meidas Touch Exclusive
Rachel Meiselas on Trump’s impact on political discourse.

Joy Reid Expected to Take Over Chris Matthews’ Spot
Deadline reports.

U.S. Has Highest Single Day of Cases
More than 36K in one day. California Governor ponders return to lockdown rules.

Biden’s Polling Numbers Surge with Bold Strategy of Letting Trump Shoot Himself in Foot Repeatedly
Biden goes up double digits.

Even the GOP Thinks Trump is Flailing
Racism and tax cuts for the rich just don’t sell like they did in 2016.

Florida Lawmakers Call for Statewide Mask Mandate
As cases surge, Desantis toes the GOP line on freedom to spread disease.

#WearADamnMask: MAGA Heroes Fight for Their Right to Infect

Kamala Harris Dunks on John Cornyn

Bomani Jones Dunks on Will Cain

#TrumpIsKillingUs: Tulsa Coronafest Results in Quarantine for Secret Service Agents

Don’t blame them, an orange toddler made them attend his party.

Progressives Look to be Big Winners in Tuesday Elections

Progressive Black Candidates Win Big

New York City to Trump: Black Lives Matter
The newest street mural will be painted right outside Trump Tower in Manhattan.

Devin Nunes Continues to Moo About Twitter Account
Judge sends him back to the barn.

Yang to Trump Campaign: You Are Desperate

Arizona Restaurant Vandalized with Hate Speech
Trump’s recent visit probably just a coincidence.

Lindsey Graham Melts Down on Twitter About the French Revolution; Twitter Ratios Him

Graham could be in trouble in Senate race.

Justice for Elijah McClain: 2 Million Sign Petition Calling for Investigation
23-year-old was killed in custody of Aurora Police Department. Buzzfeed with additional coverage.

Milwaukee DNC Convention to be Nearly All-Virtual
Well at least one candidate is taking the Coronavirus threat seriously.

Jacksonville RNC Convention: 58% of Voters in Duval County Don’t Want It
Will the GOP have to look for yet another location for it upcoming super-spreader event?

Ahmaud Arbery: Grand Jury Indicts 3
The Guardian reports.

William Barr Watch: Yelling Match Breaks Out in House Judiciary Committee Meeting
Jim Jordan of Ohio reaches new level of crazy, refuses to wear a mask becoming of Flynn unmasking.

No Spike in COVID Cases in Cities Where Black Lives Matter Protests Took Place
Conservative concerns about marches being linked to Coronavirus cases shockingly unfounded.

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