Meidas Touch’s Evening Update: 6/25/20

#WeWantJoe: Meidas Touch Trends #1 on Twitter Hours After Dropping New Joe Biden Ad

Courier Daily features tweets from Meidas Touch and founders.

Biden Up 6.3 Points in Pennsylvania According to RealClearPolitics

Biden at Pennsylvania Campaign Event: Trump a Child
Joe blasts Trump on handling of Coronavirus as cases surge in 29 states.

Biden: Trump’s Job Isn’t to Whine About Pandemic

Polls Released for 20 Swing States: Biden Ahead in All 20
GOP strongholds of Texas, Georgia and Arizona tip to Joe.  OANN sticks head in sand, praises Trump, reports alternate reality to audience of one.

Trump Has Twin Legacies: Failure on Coronavirus and Stripping Americans of Healthcare

Biden: Social Distancing, Wearing Masks Matter

Is Donald Done? Daily Beast Reports Trump Seems Resigned to Biden Winning
Apparently, people don’t like him.

Wall Street Preparing for Biden Presidency

Trump Family Effort to Block Tell-All Book Denied
Release date July 28.

Parscale in Quarantine?

Or just about to be fired?

Administration Looks to Send Checks to Boost Reelection Changes
We’ll take the money, but that won’t affect what’s coming in November.

Coronavirus Surge: Red State Governors in Shock at Results from their Lack of Response to Pandemic

CDC: 20 Million Americans Could Have COVID-19
Head of agency says its likely there are 10 undiagnosed cases for every one confirmed. Additional coverage.

No One Is Listening to the Experts
Trump Administration at odds with COVID-19 Task Force on how to move forward; still opting for out of sight, out of mind strategy.

First Task Force Briefing in Months Scheduled for Friday

GOP Lawmakers Break Ranks, Vote for Democrat Police Reform Bill
Better than zero.

Obamacare to Go Before Supreme Court Again?
Why would anyone need healthcare during a pandemic? Additional coverage.

Conservatives Stop Trying to Make Parlor Happen
C’mon Gretchen. Additional coverage.  

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