MeidasTouch’s Evening Update: 6/28/20

At Least One U.S. Troop Was Killed as a Result of Russian Bounties
President Trump is a threat to our military and our national security.

Russian Bounties: Trump Denies He Was Briefed
Still hasn’t done anything to punish Russia since news broke.

Democrats and Republicans Both Call for Answers from Administration

Bolton Calls Trump’s Ostrich Defense Remarkable
Says President’s fundamental focus is not on U.S. security.

Armed Forces Were Warned Months Ago
Where was the Trump Administration?
Vox with an in-depth look.

Mississippi to Rid State Flag of Confederate Emblem
About damn time.  Measure approved Sunday, Governor vows to sign bill.
#MissippiFlag trends following vote.

#ExposeBarstoolSports: Infamous Website Under Fire for Racist Video
Dave Portnoy is truly a terrible human being.  Video includes him using racial slur.

#TrumpIsARacist Trends on Twitter
Meidas Touch’s #VoteOutHate ad hits 7 million views. 

President Says the Quiet Part Out Loud, Tweets Video of Florida Man Saying White Power
MAGA nation showing true colors.
Right wing newspaper defends President’s tweet, man who used phrase.
Senator Tim Scott calls video offensive, indefensible.

Biden Slams Trump Retweet
References President’s “very fine people on both sides” remarks following events in Charlottesville which saw counter-protester Heather Heyer murdered.    

From 2018: Michael Grunwald Profiles The Villages Community in Florida and its Overwhelming Whiteness 

Trump to Confidants: “I’m Losing”
Alexx Isenstadt of Politico on a terrible 2020 for the President.

Reelection Campaign in Crisis Mode
Things are not going well.

GOP Senator Asks Trump to Set an Example, Wear Mask
Good luck with that Lamar Alexander.

Only 5% of Americans Thinks Current State of the Country is Good
Economy, virus top list of concerns.

COVID-19: Only Two States Have Declining Infection Rate
Connecticut and Rhode Island stand alone.
Beach closures in Florida.
Bar closures in LA, neighboring counties could be next.

Coronavirus Concern Level Split Down Party Lines
61% of republican voters think the worst of crisis is behind us.
Additional look at polling numbers from CBS News.

Arizona, Florida and Texas Case Numbers Still Soaring

Poll: Only 26% of Americans Trust Trump on COVID-19 Information
And that is with 66% of republican voters saying they do trust the president. 

Pence Goes Against Trump, Advises Wearing Masks in Texas Press Conference
He even wore one himself!  Trump under increasing pressure to adopt mask mandate.
President getting called on to change policy from all sides.

VP Visits Dallas Megachurch Despite Infection Surge
There doesn’t appear to be a lot of social distancing happening there.

Choir of More Than 100 Performs, No Masks
Maybe they want to catch COVID?

Tapper Questions HHS Secretary Azar: Doesn’t Trump Undermine Your Message?
Mediaite with the story.

Leaders Asked for Sacrifice From Americans Then Failed to Control Virus
From the New York Times.

Obama Begins Careful Process of Re-Entering Public Sphere Amid Nation in Crisis

Trump Concerned About Optics if He Contracts COVID-19
CNN with additional coverage.

Racism in America: Investigation Shines Light on Police Killings in Bay Area
7% of San Francisco residents are African American but they account for 27% of police shootings.

Louisville Protest Shooting: One Killed, One Injured, Alleged Suspect in Custody
Vox with a breakdown on what is known as of today.
Shooter fired into crowd.

#StopHateforProfit: Starbucks Latest Corporate Giant to Pull Advertising
List of companies continues to grow, adding Unilever, Coca-Cola and Verizon.
Full list of companies can be found here.

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