MeidasTouch’s Top Stories of the Day: 6/22/20

The news moves fast, but so do we. Here are the top stories of the day for you to catch up on — so far.

Republicans Up to Same Old Tricks, Look to Redraw Election Maps to Maintain Power
Shilpa Jindia of The Guardian on the GOP’s efforts to maintain control of the country through redistricting.

Bolton Says Trump Not Fit For Office

Trump Rally Fail: Chris Wallace of Fox News Says the Obvious to Trump Campaign Adviser, “People Didn’t Show Up”
Politico’s Justine Coleman on Chris Wallace’s take down of Trump surrogate on Sunday morning News.

Biden Seeing an Uptick in Support From Evangelicals
Gabby Orr of Politico on Biden making inroads for the evangelical vote in 2020, a key demographic for Trump.

Trump Rally Fail: Tulsa a Debacle for Trump
The Times of India with a review of how Trump’s efforts to rally his base that ultimately fell short.

Trump Rally Fail: Tik Tok and K-Pop to Thank For Foiled Trump Rally?
SFGate looks at the possible heroes of Trump’s sparsely attempted restart of his campaign.

Trump Rally Fail: A look at the Weeks Leading Up to Tulsa
Politico looks at the Trump Campaign’s Tulsa misstep; top advisors thought worst case scenario was 60K+ in attendance.

Kushner and Ivanka at Odds with Parscale Over Crowd Size Predictions
CNN with a report on internal bickering in Trump Campaign.

NASCAR Speaks, NASCAR Fans Don’t Listen
Multiple outlets report that NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace found a noose in his team’s garage stall after he spoke out against flying the flag of the losing side in war of treasonous southerners.
Marty Smith lets NASCAR fans know where he stands….

Black Lives Matter a Global Movement
David Pilling of the Financial Times details BLM protests happening around the globe.

Trump and Barr Continue Pattern of Ousting Federal Attorneys Looking Into Shady Dealings
Trump Administration removes Justice Department officials that aren’t seen as loyalists.

After Tulsa Flop, Trump Campaign Looks to Arizona for Next Event as COVID-19 Cases Continue to Rise
Rally to take place despite Arizona having the fastest growing Coronavirus outbreak in the nation.

New COVID-19 Outbreaks in Asia as U.S. Death Toll Reaches 120K+
Beijing in mass testing mode after surge of new cases.

Trump Adviser Kudlow Says No Second Waive of Coronavirus Coming
Unfortunately, he is not the best with predictions.

Fox and Friends Question Trump Campaign’s Tulsa Plan, Discuss Lack of Turnout
Sometimes Trump can’t even count on his favorite morning show.

11 Picks for Vice President
Ella Nilsen at Vox with a breakdown of 11 potential candidates to serve as Biden’s VP.
Kamala Harris the Front-runner?

Trump Twitter Rages Over Mail-in Voting
Republicans continue to be concerned with what will happen if more people can vote.
Additional Coverage
More on Trump Administrations Claims of Voter Fraud

While Connie Bernard Shops, Former State Senate Candidate Gary Chambers Jr. Takes School Board to Task
Video from Baton Rouge School Board meeting goes viral.

Teddy Roosevelt Statue at Museum of Natural History in NYC to be Removed
Museum to remove statue due to depictions of African Americans and Native Americans in an inferior manner.

Bolton Gives Wonky Answer When Pressed on Why He Didn’t Speak Up Earlier
Former National Security Advisor claims that due to the political climate in Washington, would not have mattered if he had testified at the impeachment hearings.
NPR Looks at How Bolton Might Lose his Book Payday
Liz Dye of Wonkette With Additional Reporting

Red America is Taking the Brunt of New Coronavirus Outbreaks After Leading the Charge on Reopening
NPR with a breakdown of the states where COVID-19 is on the return.

Trump Back on His Rigged Election Claims for 2020 Presidential Race
Unironically warns of interference by foreign governments.

Fundraising Reports for Presidential Race Show Biden Narrowing Deficit
Politico with a breakdown of the May FEC Reports

NYPD Suspends Officer Whose Body Cam Showed He Used Banned Chokehold

Trump’s Removal of Peaceful Protesters for Photo Op Under Investigation
Just another investigation in a long line of them for this Administration.

Proud Boys Looking to Date, Request Interested Women Send Nudes
Wonkette questions claims that women are always asking how to find the “Proud Boy of their dreams”.

Arrest Made in Killing of Toyin Salau
The Root reports that a suspect has confessed to the brutal murder of 19 year old BLM activist as well as a 75 year old local democrat volunteer.

Minnesota Corrections Officers Sue Over Procedures Surrounding Derek Chauvin’s Incarceration
Officers of color were told they were a potential liability in guarding Chauvin while in police custody.

Trump Losing Ground in Battleground States
Axois reports on swing voters in Pennsylvania – “People are just over it.”

Democrats and Republicans Split on Economic Conditions
85% of Democrats call economic conditions “poor,” while 65% of Republicans describe them as “good”.

Trump Dodges Questions on Whether He Asked to Slow COVID-19 Testing to Improve Reelection Campaign Optics
Daily Kos on Trump’s “tongue in cheek” comments on testing.

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