MeidasTouch’s Top Stories of the Day: 6/23/20

Masks Optional at Trump’s Coronavirus Party Today in Arizona
AZ cases continue to climb. Additional coverage.

Federal Aid for Testing Sites Coming to an End
Administration to end funding for testing sites across five states, including some of the hardest hit.

Trump and Right-Wing Media Still in Coronavirus Conspiracy Mode
It’s not real, it’s just a plot to destroy him.

High Schools Students Contract COVID Following Myrtle Beach Jaunt

Vaccine Possible by Later 2020, Early 2021?
Fauci cautiously optimistic.

Site for Trump Rally Makes Outlandish Claims Regarding HVAC System’s Ability to Fight Coronavirus
Unsurprisingly, health experts disagree.

We Have Crossed the Rubicon: Trump Says I Don’t Kid, Wasn’t Joking About Slowing Testing
“I don’t kid. Let me just tell you. Let me make it clear.” Additional coverage.  Anderson Cooper blasts Trump and surrogates.

Fauci Says More Testing Coming, Not Less, Despite Trump’s Wishes

While testifying before Congress, Fauci wants testing increased. 

As America Reopens, COVID-19 Infections are Gaining Traction in New Places
The New York Times looks at recent outbreaks at summer camps, dance clubs and everywhere in between.

White Supremacy is a Global Problem
Tiffanie Drayton of Vox with an explainer.

After Calling BLM Protesters Terrorists, Minneapolis Police Union Speaks Out Again
Union boss says cops are scapegoats, refuses to pass judgment on Derek Chauvin.  Additional coverage from The Hill.

Obama and Biden Back on the Campaign Trail Together
Biden looks for cash boost with Obama appearance at virtual fundraiser.

D.C. Protests Continue
CNN provides coverage.

One America News Boldly Asks, What if Math is Not Really Math?
Wonkette examines comments by Chanel Rion of OAN, Trump’s favorite make-believe news station.

Trump Out to Prove His Brain is That of a Stable Genius, Part Infinity

Washington Examiner Reports on Trump Stretching the Truth to Manipulate the Media
The right leaning media outlet is totally fine with this.  

Pershing Square Capital Management to Work More with Minority-Owned Firms

Blackrock to Increase Hiring of African Americans

Trump Trolled by Internet After Walk of Shame Following Tulsa Rally
The Guardian compiles some of the funniest replies to Trump’s disheveled walk into the White House Sunday night. Additional coverage.

Black Family Denied Entry to Baltimore Restaurant
Restaurant manager placed on indefinite leave.

Republican Police Reform Bill May be DOA
Senate Democrats consider blocking GOP police reform bill, say it fails to enact meaningful reform.

Trump Reelection Math May be Looking Increasingly Dire
Niall Stanage of The Hill looks at recent polling nationally and in battleground states.

A History of Federal Agencies Bending the Truth for the Trump Administration
ProPublica with a summary of some of the most egregiously false statements that federal officials have been forced to try to make sense of following statements by Trump. Sharpie drawings included!

While Protests Continue, Some See Police Response Intensifying in Violent Ways
The Intelligencer’s Zak Cheney-Rice with a look at recent clashes between protesters and police, and the tactics police have used as they are under increasing scrutiny from the public.

New York Times: Trump Didn’t Need to Send in the Troops, Militarized Police Have Been Here
A Marine deployed during the 1992 Los Angeles riots reflects on the state of policing in 2020.

The Trump Presidency – A Non-Stop Saturday Night Massacre at Every Level
Rolling Stone’s Andy Kroll on the Trump Administration’s “shoot-first-aim-second approach to governing.”

GOP Operative Laments Silicon Valley’s Support for Biden
After Trump was able to pull off an electoral college victory for the Presidency largely on the back of companies like Facebook and Twitter, the Republican party is changing its tune on the role of social media in America.

Great Depression Still Possible
The Atlantic reports on four economic indicators that have economists worried about the state of the American economy.

Lincoln Project Hits Trump Again

Man Writes Extremely Bad Opinion for Fox News, Proves Alternate Reality Really is a Thing

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