MeidasTouch’s Top Stories of the Day: 6/24/20

Kellyanne Conway Changes Tune on Use of Phrase Kung-Flu
It’s OK when Trump says it.

Senate Democrats Block GOP Police Reform Bill
Between this and the testimony regarding Bill Barr today, Democrats look to be playing whack-a-bill.

Doug Collins, Louie Gohmert Throw Temper Tantrums During Hearings

Rick Wilson Destroys Trump Yet Again
Get ready for the summer of Fat Nixon, complete with an all you can stand fearmongering buffet.

Bolton Book Tour: Talk Show Circuit Grills Former National Security Adviser on Why He Didn’t Do More

Bolton Book Tour: Colbert Asks How He Could Be So Naïve

Trump Down Double Digits in Election Year’s First National Poll by NYT and Siena College
Biden ahead 14 points while fifty-eight percent of registered voters disapprove of Trump’s handling of Coronavirus.

Trump’s Handling of Coronavirus a Coronacircus
He’s the Clown-in-Chief. 

Early Vote By Mail Numbers in Florida Show Democrats With 300K Advantage
Trump won by fewer than 133k votes in 2016.

It’s the Economy Stupid: Dow Falls 700 Points on New Coronavirus Numbers
Stock market slide comes amid Republican Party’s denial of virus resurgence.

Second Wave Already Here
COVID 19 numbers back to levels seen at peak.

Texas, Arizona and Florida New COVID-19 Cases Reach All Time High
Hospital capacity limits being tested.

Traveling to New York Tri-State Area from a Coronavirus Hotspot?
Be prepared to quarantine.  Cuomo says out of state cars to be stopped.

Even Romney Gets It: Wear A Mask

Prosecutor in Disney Villain Case Testifies
Calls DOJ interference in case “unprecedented.”

Mad Who Plead Guilty Gets Case Dismissed, Surely Unrelated to Political Connections
Flynn will probably be back on the campaign trail in 2020 leading chants of Lock Him Her Up

William Barr and the Demolition of the Justice Department
Jeet Heer of The Nation on Barr’s lifetime of abuse of power as Attorney General to protect the GOP.

Former Deputy Attorney General: Barr the Greatest Threat to Rule of Law in Our Lifetime

Barr scheduled to appear before Congress later this summer.

Vox With an Explainer on How Identity Politics are Changing America For the Better
Ezra Klein reports.

Minneapolis Police Chief: George Floyd Was Murdered

Police Officers Accused of Misconduct Often Find Their Way Back to Force
Martha Bellisle for the AP looks at the process of trying to get of bad cops.

National Guard to be Deployed in D.C. to Protect Monuments
Republicans very concerned with Americans’ desire to erase its racist history.

Twitter Bans Pro-Trump Account for Repeated Copyright Violations
It’s not liberal bias, it’s the law.

Smaller Trump Suggests Torn Down Statues Be Replaced with Statues of Larger Trump
No way those get torn down as well.

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