MeidasTouch’s Top Stories of the Day: 6/26/20

#MoreLiesMoreDie Trends #1 in US: MeidasTouch Release New Ad Targeting Pence, Administration
Pence’s COVID-19 briefing under fire.

#WeWantJoe: Latest MeidasTouch Biden Ad Hits 1+ Million Views

#CoronaVirusTaskForce: Pence Tries to Make Chicken Salad
First briefing in nearly two months.

VP Peddles Lies: Volume of Cases a Sign of Success
We can’t make this stuff up.

Pence Dragged in Media Following Briefing
Public not on board with “Happy Garbage Talk.”.

Sunbelt Surge – Cases at All-Time High
Florida flies past previous daily record for cases.

Hospital Capacity Being Tested
ICU beds running out.

Fauci Speaks Truth to Power, Undermines Administration’s Positive Spin on Pandemic
Contradictions run wild between Administration cronies and medical experts.

Fauci: Be Part of the Solution or Part  of the Problem

Still Won’t Advise Americans to Wear Masks
Pence defers to states, passes buck.

Do as We Say, Not as We Do
People have a right to infect under 1st Amendment.

Pence Defends Trump CoronaRallies – We Have an Election Coming

Freedom of Speech or Freedom to Spread COVID-19?

Pence Ends Press Conference with Rambling Answer After Tough Question

Trump Disapproval Rating: 58% of Americas Give President Thumbs Down
49% strongly disapprove.

Golf Trip #Cancelled
Maybe he can play in his bunker this weekend?

Texas and Florida Close Bars

Horse has already left the barn.

Florida Governor Cooking COVID-19 Books?
DeSantis gets testy, talks conspiracy theories.

Pensacola Mayor Declares State of Emergency
Masks now required in Florida city.

Pence Says We Are in Much Better Place with Pandemic
Cites truly remarkable progress, which no one else sees.
Myriad of false claims during COVID-19 briefing.

Trump’s Obsession with Taking Away Healthcare Continues Amid Pandemic
Asks Supreme Court to overturn Affordable Care Act.

GOP Goon Uses Racist Argument to Argue Against D.C. Statehood
Mother Jones reports on Tom Cotton.

Border Wall Funding Illegal – 9th Circuit Court of Appeals
The Hill with additional coverage.

Even Karl Rove thinks Trump is Cooked
Criticism coming from everywhere.

Maxine Waters: Focus on Dead Americans, Not Dead Traitors and Slaveholders
Administration lacking leadership.

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