MeidasTouch’s Top Stories of the Day: 6/29/20


MeidasTouch Hits DeSantis on Management of Coronavirus Crisis
– #TrumpKillsFlorida trends.
– Widespread mask orders issued, could save thousands.
– Hundreds line up at Florida testing sites.
– Somehow Florida GOP leaders are still divided over masks.
– RNC spokesman says Republican Convention planning “business as usual.”

Fauci: Current Situation a Recipe for Disaster

Pharma Company Charges $2400 for Remdesivir Treatment

Chinese Military Approves Vaccine for Military Use

Nearly Half of U.S. Is Out of a Job
– Business leaders see effects of coronavirus crisis lasting through 2021.

McEnany Calls Current Wave of Infections “Embers That Need to be Put Out”
– Hard to fix a problem if you don’t believe it exists.

Justice John Roberts Breaks with Conservative Wing of Court in Abortion Decision
– Opinion struck down Louisiana abortion law.
Toobin: Justice Roberts may not be who we thought he was.
Vox with an explainer on the case.
Jay Michaelson of the Daily Beast with a look at what is behind Robert’s seemingly liberal judicial decisions.

Press Secretary Says Trump Was Not Briefed, No Consensus in Intelligence Community
– Says dissenting opinions in the intelligence community exist.
– Trump tweeted that information wasn’t credible.  White House spokespeople and Trump still can’t get on the same page.
– Trump has no message for Moscow even with new information.
– Full press conference here if you want something rage inducing.
– Leaders of Congress to be briefed, just not any Democrats.  Pelosi and Schumer cry foul.

But We All Know Trump Doesn’t Read Intelligence Reports
– He’s more of a pictures guy.  

Opinion: Trump Hates Being President
– With a 56% disapproval rating he might not need to worry about being president much longer.

Take That Trump: GOP Convention Host City to Require Masks

Reddit Bans Pro-Trump Forum After Years of Repeated Violations
– Who would have thought that a Pro-Trump forum would promote hate speech? Answer: Everyone.
– More than 2000 forums purged.
– Hate speech policy updated.  Thank you Reddit, don’t be like 4chan.

Twitch Suspends Trump for Hateful Conduct
– Why does Donald Trump even have a Twitch account?

Democrats May be Warming to Filibuster Reform
– Could happen if Democrats can retake Senate.

William Barr Watch: GOP Witness Says if he Knew of Photo Op Beforehand He Must Resign
– Raw Story reports.

Gun Companies Market to Right Wing Boogaloo Loons
– Wonkette with the story.

George Floyd Killers Appear in Court
– Trial for one officer set for March.

Colin Kaepernick to Get Netflix Series; Teams Up with Ava DuVernay
– Scripted series to take a look at Kaepernick’s life.

Activists Call for Resignation of St. Louis Mayor After She Read Names of People Calling for Police Reform

Mr. and Mrs. Smith Cosplayers Go Viral After Waving Guns at Peaceful Protestors
– Said they were in fear for their lives?

Detroit SUV Runs Through Crowd of Protestors
– Police Chief defends officer.

Relatives of Aunt Jemima Seek Reparations

NYC to Cut $1 Billion from NYPD

Michigan Woman Screams Racial Slurs at Family Trying to Move in to New Home

Little Caesars Employees Fired for Nazi Pizza

Ford Motor Company Pauses Advertising on Facebook

Boycott Campaign to Go Global

Lululemon and Other Prominent Canadian Brands Join

Facebook Loses $60 Billion in Market Value in 2 Days as a Result of Boycott
– List of companies here.

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