MeidasTouch’s Top Stories to Watch: 7/1/20


#HeWentToJared Takes Social Media by Storm
– Trending top 5 on Twitter.

Trump Losing Faith in Kushner?

Jared Kushner: American Psycho

The Jared Bubble: Former Editor for Kushner Pulls Back Curtain on Incompetence

Kushner a Long Time Pro at Calling His Failures Successes

Trump Mocked Following Lone Ranger Comments

Trump Tell-All Book Back On

Kellyanne Conways Daughter Trolls Trump on TikTok


Kayleigh McEnany Achieves Rare Feat: Two False Claims in One Statement

Former Bush Administration Officials Form PAC to Back Biden

Conservatives Want Their Money Back:  Supreme Court Appointees Not Working Out as Planned

GOP Immigration Policy Backfires
– Gallup reports Americans want more immigration for the first time.

GOP Strategist Says Mask Wearers Part of a Cult
– Wonkette skewers.
– Daily Kos on the ignorance of today’s GOP.

Scatter Brained President Lacks Focus
– Also water is wet.
– Reminder that he doesn’t have a plan for a second term.

Second Round of Stimulus Possible

GOP Losing House Incumbents

Record Day Increase in Cases
– Trump still silent, concerns continue to mount of handing of coronavirus outbreak.

Pence Continues Tour of Failure Visiting Hardest Hit States
– VP in Arizona today as state continues reeling.
– State says it needs additional 500 healthcare workers.
– Full remarks available here.
– Arizona reports record cases and deaths.

Fauci: Cases Could Reach 100k Per Day

4th of July Weekend Could
– How to celebrate safely.

Only 2 States Meet Criteria to Reopen Safely

Wishful Thinking: Trump Still Believes Coronavirus Will Disappear
– Says U.S. is going to be “very good” with COVID-19.
– Trump can’t give up the fantasy.
– Says he looks like the Lone Ranger in mask, so he’s probably putting it over his eyes.

Cases Still Spiking
– South Carolina hospitals overwhelmed.

Officials Refuse to Release Information on Outbreaks at NC Meat Processing Plants
– County hit hard due but won’t provide data on infections.

Bounty Payments Go Back Five Years

Senate Democrats Demand Information

GOP Senator Too

Confusion of Bounties Highlights Administration’s Inability to Consume Intelligence Information

Trump Didn’t Want to be Briefed

The Fight for Justice for Breonna Taylor Continues

The Racism of Ole Miss

Senate Republicans Look to Push Forward on Renaming Military Bases Despite Trump Veto Threat

Florida Cop Charged with Battery for Attacking Protester
– Keep your cameras on during protests to hold police accountable.

BLM on 5th Avenue in New York: Trump Mad
– Calls BLM a symbol of hate.
– Giuliani says BLM is Marxist group.

Stonewall Jackson Statue Removed

BLM to Hold Virtual Convention

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