Mike Francesa Threatens Legal Action Against Twitter User

It’s no secret that sports talk radio is on the outs. With the surge of podcasts over recent years listeners now have a choice over not just WHEN they can listen but WHO they can listen to. Appointment listening is antiquated and sports talk radio is the proverbial “OK Boomer” across the media landscape. 

Did someone just use the term, “OK Boomer?”  

*Enter Mike Francesa* 

On Thursday, during Mike Francesa’s WFAN radio program, an incensed Francesa stated that he, along with WFAN’s parent company, Entercom, would seek legal action if anyone were to post clips from Francesa’s show without the express written consent of Entercom Communications Corporation & Radio.com.

Francesa’s move came after the twitter account, @BackAftaThis (a popular sports media account who has documented Mike’s enthusiastic” & “informative” sports analysis over recent years), had one tweet rack up over 2.7M views and counting! 

The tweet at the center of all of this drama shows Francesa openly criticizing President Trump’s inaction during the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the nation. During the two-minute clip Francesa shouts, “There’s a disconnect, we’re watching one thing happen in our city on the 11 o’clock news every night…we’re watching people die and now we know people who died…and we’re not seeing 1 or 2 people die now in our neighborhood, we’re seeing them die by the 10s and 20s by the day!”

Here’s the thing, Francesa isn’t upset about the contents of his own argument – it’s somber, powerful & true. What he is worried about is that by publicly stating the truth, he may have inadvertently offended his dear friend, 45. After all, their relationship does go back over 50 years apparently (this @BackAftaThis guy has the RECEIPTS!).

Knowing that Donnie’s passion points revolve solely around ratings, we’re sure he and his staffers weren’t too happy with this negative clip, which has more views than some world series games, making its way across the internet.

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