Navy Captain Fired for Sounding Alarm on COVID-19 Diagnosed with Virus

On Friday, Navy Captain Brett Crozier was infamously relieved from duty as a result of a leaked letter in which he sounded the alarm on the threat of the coronavirus to his crew.

Despite the fact that Navy secretary Thomas Modly said the Crozier showed “poor judgment” in writing his letter, the captain received a round of applause from his crew as he was forced off his ship.

Now just days later, the NYTimes reports that Crozier himself has been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus.

The firing of Crozier has become a polarizing issue over the past 48 hours, with those on the left hailing him as a hero for sounding the warning, and those on the right, including the president, calling him “irresponsible.

It’s hard not to see the firing as anything other than a corrupt government trying to save face in light of one of the worst handlings of a crisis in American history.

Former Vice President and presidential candidate Joe Biden was harsh in his criticism of the Navy on ABC’s “This Week” stating, ““I think it’s close to criminal the way they’re dealing with this guy.”

So far, 155 cases of the coronavirus have been identified on Crozier’s former ship. Captain Crozier’s condition is unknown at this time.

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