New Jersey Man Charged After Throwing “Corona Party”

After throwing a “corona party” with nearly 50 people in his 550-square-foot apartment, a New Jersey man has been charged by local authorities, reports CBS News.

Today’s Darwin Award Winner comes after a string of inexplicable behavior reported across the country.

We saw an Amazon delivery driver in West Hollywood, CA spit on someone’s package. A Pennsylvania woman coughed all over fresh produce at a supermarket, causing them to throw away $35,000 worth of groceries. A Missouri man licked items at a local Wal-Mart.

This bizarre behavior comes on the heels of reporting that confirms the U.S. has surpassed all other countries in coronavirus cases.

The “corona party” thrower was identified by police as Wade E. Jackson, 47. He was issued one summons for violating an emergency act, and one for obstructing the law.

Read more on this story, courtesy of CBS News, here.

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