NYTimes: Internal White House Models Show Daily COVID Deaths Doubling by June

According to an internal document obtained by the New York Times, the Trump administration is privately projecting a massive increase in daily coronavirus cases and deaths as June approaches.

Wait, we thought this was supposed to go away in April with the heat?

The document suggests that the U.S. will see a stunning 3,000 deaths and 200,000 new cases PER DAY by June. For comparison, we’re currently reporting 1,750 deaths and 25,000 new cases every day – still a staggering number.

Additionally, data from the University of Pennsylvania suggests that reopening states will result in an additional 233,000 deaths from the virus. If states reopen, that means 350,000 people are projected to die from COVID-19.

These shocking reports comes as the White House, Republican governors and protesters push to get rid of social distancing policies and stay-at-home orders. In recent weeks, people have flooded city streets and beaches without regard to public health recommendations, many calling the deadly coronavirus a “hoax.”

While spared initially, data shows that the coronavirus is rapidly spreading in rural communities, and is threatening the health and safety of various meat supply plants.

Now, it turns out that our most dire predictions are coming to fruition. Opening states too early, without adequate testing, tracing or containment is proving to be a mistake of epic proportions.

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